Never Forget You
by Zara Larsson (featuring MNEK)

Album: So Good (2015)
Charted: 5 13


  • This song about a love that's real is a collaboration between British producer MNEK and Swedish singer-songwriter Zara Larsson. The pair wrote it together with UK-based Arron Davey who records under the name of astronomyy.
  • MNEK and Larsson appear only sparingly in the video, which was shot in Iceland and directed by Richard Paris Wilson "When Zara and I finished 'Never Forget You' and it came to looking for treatments for the video, the main thing that was requested was a strong intense narrative," MNEK told Spin. "I feel like Richard Paris Wilson did a great job directing and being the brains behind this video."

    "It was shot in Iceland and follows two passionate characters, a lady who goes from young girl to a grown woman and an 8ft tall monster who is a Big Friendly Giant (like myself a bit, to be honest!) who from the day they meet until the moment their final days are near are by each other's sides," he continued. "Yes I've quoted my own lyrics haha."
  • Zara Larsson told The Idolator about their collaboration. "We brought MNEK in because I know that he is a great writer and he produces too. So we got in the studio, which was basically set up by the labels. It was just such a vibey day the song basically wrote itself. It took two hours and then we had a new song. It was like, 'Wow! Is it that easy to write a song?'"
  • "Never Forget You" was originally supposed to be a song for Larsson, but then MNEK decided he wanted to record it. They couldn't agree, so their labels suggested they did it as a duet.
  • Zara Larsson told USA Today the story of the song: "In the car on my way to the studio, I was listening to 'Where Are U Now' with Justin Bieber and Jack Ü, so I was like, 'Wow, this is such a banger.' I loved the thought of having a ballad at the beginning and then just a massive drop."
  • Larsson explained the song was inspired by "exes and friends (who) may not be in your life anymore, but you still love them."

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  • Tyler from Manhattan, Kansas I love this so nostalgic
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