No More No More

Album: Toys In The Attic (1975)
  • Blood stains the ivories on my daddy's baby grand
    Ain't seen the daylight since we started this band

    No more, no more
    No more, no more

    Store-bought clothes fallin' 'part at the seams
    Tea leaf-readin' gypsies fortune-tellin' my dreams

    No more, no more
    No more, no more

    Holiday Inn, lock the door with a chain
    You love 'em and you hate it but to me they're all the same

    No more, no more
    No more, no more

    Baby I'm a dreamer
    Found my horse and carriage
    Stalemate jailbait ladies can't refuse
    You love 'em then you leave 'em with your sold out reviews

    No more, no more
    No more, no more

    Sweet-talkin' bar room ladies disease
    Slippin' with her lips slidin' down your knees

    No more, no more
    No more, no more

    Me and my life a screamer bound to a wife in marriage
    Baby I'm a dreamer
    Found my horse and carriage

    Ladies hold the aces while my lovers call it passion
    The men call it pleasure but to me it's old fashioned
    Times they're a-changin' nothing ever stands still
    If I don't stop changin' I'll be writin' my will
    It's the same old story never get a second chance
    For a dance to the top of the hill

    Babe I'm a dreamer
    Found my horse and carriage Writer/s: JOE PERRY, STEVEN VICTOR TALLARICO
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Doug From Altoona from Angeles CityOne of my favorite rock n roll songs. A classic song from the early Aerosmith days.
  • Jackie from Columbus Unpopular opinion: best Aerosmith song!
  • Gray from ClevelandGreat song. Underrated in my opinion.
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