The Baby

Album: Blake Shelton's Barn And Grill (2004)
Charted: 30
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  • My brothers said that I was rotten to the core.
    I was the youngest child, so I got by with more.
    I guess she was tired by the time I came along, she'd laugh until she cried.
    I could do no wrong. She would always save me, because I was her baby.

    I worked a factory in Ohio, a shrimp boat in the bayou,
    I drove a truck in Birmingham.
    Turned 21 in Cincinnati, I called home to mom and daddy,
    I said your boy is now a man.
    She said I don't care if your 80, you'll always be my baby.

    She loved that photograph of our whole family,
    She'd always point us out for all her friends to see.
    That's Greg he's doing great, he really loves his job.
    And Ronny with his to kids, how 'bout that wife he's got.
    And that one's kind of crazy, but that one's my baby.

    I got a call in Alabama said come on home to Louisiana
    And come as fast as you can fly.
    'Cause your mama really needs you, and says shes gotta see you,
    She might not make it through the night.
    The whole way I drove 80 so she could see her baby.

    She looked like she'd been sleepin'
    And my family had been weeping by the time that I got to her side
    And I knew that she'd been take and my heart it was breakin'
    I never got to say goodbye,
    I softly kissed that lady and cried just like a baby. Writer/s: HARLEY LEE ALLEN, LARRY MICHAEL WHITE
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
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  • Patti from Anoka, Mn.Every time I hear this song, I still cry just like a Baby and I am 62! I lost My Mom when I was 24 yrs. old. My Sister called me up the day before Thanksgiving & told me, Mom is getting Worse (she had Breast Cancer), and she wants to see you, & Minnesota was getting the biggest snowfall we have had since 1984, I made it to Hinckley, MN., from Virginia, MN., which I still had about another hour to go, but they closed down 35W, which back then in Hinckley, they only had 1 Motel, 2 Pay phones, 1 Gas Station & 1 Bar, it's alot different now, cuz they have one of the biggest Casinos in the State of Minnesota, but I had to wait in line for about an hour to use the Pay Phone outside, then found out when I called Home, that Mom had already passed away, I didn't Make It, if they hadn't closed down 35W, I would of kept going, cuz I always told her I would Always Be there for Her! I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY GOOD BYE!
    She was not only My Mom, but My Best Friend!! She knew I had a hard time dealing with death, then to find out in the middle of no where in a Snowstorm, My Mom was GONE!! Some Guy behind me in line at the phone, said to me I didn't mean to be nosey, but I overheard, and asked me if he could buy me dinner, or anything. We had dinner together, he told me he was going to school for Cancer Dr., and he bought me breakfast the next morning, cleared off my car, asked me if I wanted him to follow me home so i made it, I told him NO, he didn't have to do that cuz he was going to St. Paul, I was going to Southwest Mpls., but I got his Name & Address to send him a Thank You Card, and of course I never left My Car all the way home, but the piece of Paper he wrote down his Name & Address on was gone, no where to be found. I left My Apt., in Virginia, with .05 cents in my pocket, the clothes on my back and an Amoco Credit Card, so there was No Place I could of Lost His Name & Address!!
    I know Mom sent down an Angel to watch over me & be with Me that Night, but this Song of Blake Shelton hits Home, cuz I NEVER GOT TO SAY GOOD BYE!
  • Zachary from Mcgehee ArkansasI lost my dad the 11th of September unexpected, so I never had the chance to say goodbye, It's hard to say that I lost my dad at 18, it's been a rough road to walk but this song helps me because it reminds me I'm not the only one who's been down this road.
  • Bob C from Florida I was the youngest of four My mom called me her baby my whole life This song describes us When I said goodbye Mom said “You’re still my baby”and I cried like a baby Still your baby Mom
  • Kelby Redmon from Purdon Tx It was the same with my great grandma Betty. In 2008 I was walking home frrm the bus stop after school the funeral services were there I didn't know what was happening I took off running the rest of the way after I rounded the corner and had seen the Hearst by the time I got to the house they were comment out with the casket and the grandparents that I live with had told me she ad a hard attack when she was napping about an hour earlier
    And she had died and I did find get to say goodbye.
    R.I.P Betty Jean Graves Redmon
  • Betty from Dayton, OhMy sisters hubands brother actually wrote this song...what a great song!
  • Smitty from Austin, Txi missed my moms death just by an hour and when i hear this song it makes me cry.
  • Billy from Plymouth, NhI missed my mother's & grandmother's deaths by just hours. I love this song & I cry just like a baby when I hear it. It's a great celebration of our mothers.
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