Foreplay / Long Time

Album: Boston (1976)
Charted: 22
  • It's been such a long time
    I think I should be goin', yeah
    And time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'
    Sail on, on a distant highway
    I've got to keep on chasin' a dream, yeah
    I've gotta be on my way
    Wish there was something I could say

    Well, I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' on
    You'll forget about me after I've been gone
    And I take what I find, I don't want no more
    It's just outside of your front door

    Ah yeah, it's been such a long time. it's been such a long time

    Well, I get so lonely when I am without you
    But in my mind, deep in my mind
    I can't forget about you
    Good times, and faces that remind me, yeah
    I'm tryin' to forget your name and leave it all behind me
    You're comin' back to find me

    Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' on
    You'll forget about me after I've been gone
    And I take what I find, I don't want no more
    It's just outside of why our front door, yeah, yeah, yeah

    It's been such a long time. it's been such a long time

    It's been such a long time, I think I should be goin', yeah
    And time dosnt wait for me, it keeps on rollin'
    There's a long road, I've gotta stay in time with, yeah
    I've got to keep on chasin' that dream, though I may never find it
    I'm always just behind it

    Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' along
    (Takin' my time) oh, just movin' along
    (Takin' my time) ah, just takin' my time
    (Takin' my time) oh, yeah
    (Takin' my time) oh, oh
    (Takin' my time)
    (Takin' my time)
    (Takin' my time)
    (Takin' my time)
    (Takin' my time)

Comments: 22

  • David Nance from Clinton, Iowa Oh my goodness I absolutely don't know where to begin. I must say that out of every song ever made (Foreplay/Longtime) is and will be my most favorite song of all time!! 2nd) My wife thinks that I'm nuts, because if something happens to me this song is going to be my main "FUNERAL SONG" and she's discouraged with the long introduction and she's always saying that she hopes that she goes before me, so she's not having to sit through my 2 hour Church Service and Hymns I want to be Sung too!!!! So thanks for creating this great Dream Song Of Mine I'll Be Taking To Heaven With Me Forever!!!! <3 Sincerely, David Nance!!!! <3
  • Anonymous Camille from Toronto, get lost and don't look back!
  • Big Boy from New YorkWhat an instant classic thanks Mr. M!!!!
  • Jir from London, United KingdomMan I've got 40 days until my exams are over and I've had no TV, no music, no youtube. For some reason this song just keeps resonating up in my head and I know it will be the first thing I play as soon as this whole revision thing is over. It's such a long time
  • Larry from Detroit, MiMy favorite tune(s) from Boston...on the greatest debut LP ever...never get tired of hearing any song from that album...some call Boston's debut album thier "Greatest Hits" album as well....
  • Camille from Toronto, OhBack in the day, uh, that'd be 1976, I thought this song was incredible. It would come on the car radio and immediately transport me out of my teenage doldrums into a better place in my mind. Nowadays, Boston's music, including these two songs, don't do much for me. But I do remember what a sensation the entire album was when it was released.
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song is in the game, Rock Band.
  • Dylan from Euclid, Ohcoolest intro EVER!
  • Joann from Portsmouth, Vaback in the day when I drove a school bus & was not allowed to play music cause i drove for a christian school well guess what? all the kids knew & none ever told on me, but this one of our favorite songs. Along with Kansas and other artists so when I hear this song & others it reminds me of those days, so all those kids are grown now & I hope they think of me every once in awile.
  • Tyler from Indio, Cadoes Tom Scholz sing this or their other singer?
  • Curtis from Lubbock, TxThis is the song I want played at my funeral. The words are perfect for someone saying goodbye from the grave. Start with the last few seconds of Foreplay, and rock in right into Long Time.
  • Alli from Arvada, Codefinitely my fav band ever!!!
    and this song wins best song ever from them
  • Floyd from Ottawa, OnGreat song. Like the build-up, change of pace, and especially the high pitch guitar drifting in and out of the vocals. Great song.
  • Taylor from Las Vegas, NeAnother fact about this song: Foreplay was Tom's first piece of music and he wrote it a year after learning to play guitar at 21.
  • Speedwell from Austin, Tx"Foreplay" may be a sly nod to sex, but the word is actually a literal translation into English of the classical music term "Prelude." "Praeludium," in the original Latin, means something you "play before" something else. The instrumental piece is extremely classical in both its structure and its execution.
  • Mooler from Detroit, MiI love playing it on Rock Band. Great bass, great guitar...if only they had a virtual organ...
  • Sheeberson from Wrightsville Beach, Ncnot a huge fan of this song, its decent, but i gotta admit the electric guitar part 6:58 sounds awesome and caught me by surprise the first time
  • Baz from Johnson, VtI would not call this corporate rock, but so many others borrowed this sound, and the fact Bostom never had a better song than the worst cut on this disc leads some folks to bust their chops. Great song, great album.
  • Nick from Cleveland, OhThis song is great, the instrumental is way underrated,i hate how people would label this band "corporate rock"
  • Scott from Honolulu, HiAnother magnificient work of art by Tom and Brad. The genius and talent of Tom is evident in this song. The song writing, arrangement, and production was way ahead of it's time. Tom was ahead of his time musically; and his work can bring tears to my eyes when I m in the right mood. I mean that when a person senses true genius and brilliance in a work of art, he or she will recognize it and feel it deep inside.
  • Sam from Thompsons, TxI love this song, I listen to it over and over and over again, the guitar pieces blend in nicely, and I love the little riffs throughout the song... so very catchy, its become one of my favorite things to play on guitar.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGreat tune, but then Boston puts out music like none other. Many puristdon't care for anything after "Don't look back", but I still enjoy everything they put out. Grant it, you have to wait almost ten years for each release, but it gives me something to look forward to. I want to know when this influential band is going to be inducted to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?
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