Album: Stripped (2002)
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  • Don't look at me

    Everyday is so wonderful
    Then suddenly
    It's hard to breathe
    Now and then I get insecure
    From all the pain
    I'm so ashamed

    I am beautiful
    No matter what they say
    Words can't bring me down
    I am beautiful
    In every single way
    Yes words can't bring me down
    Oh no
    So don't you bring me down today

    To all your friends you're delirious
    So consumed
    In all your doom, ooh
    Trying hard to fill the emptiness
    The pieces gone
    Left the puzzle undone
    Ain't that the way it is

    You are beautiful
    No matter what they say
    Words can't bring you down
    Oh no
    You sre beautiful
    In every single way
    Yes words can't bring you down
    Oh no
    So don't you bring me down today

    No matter what we do (no matter what we do)
    No matter what we say (no matter what we say)
    We're the song inside the tune (yeah, oh yeah)
    Full of beautiful mistakes

    And everywhere we go (and everywhere we go)
    The sun will always shine (the sun will always, always, shine)
    And tomorrow we might awake
    On the other side

    'Cause we are beautiful
    No matter what they say
    Yes words won't bring us down
    Oh no
    We are beautiful
    In every single way
    Yes words can't bring us down
    Oh no
    So don't you bring me down today

    Oh, oh oh
    Don't you bring me down today, yeah
    Don't you bring me down, ooh
    Today Writer/s: Linda Perry
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Anthony from Wagga Wagga, Australiawhenever im in a s--tty moody, i put this song on and it always makes me smile.
    nathan: no not all gay guys wear female clothing, i am gay and i wear mens clothing
  • Hugh from Oxford, Oxfordshire, United KingdomI'm not a big fan of Christina Auguilera but I can tolerate this song. I didn't initially like the cover done by Elvis Costello either but after hearing it a few times I do think he does a good job and does the song justice.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnI never thought this song fit Christina. The video is complete garbage.
  • Jennifer from Liberty, ScMy friend matt played this song for me after a huge breakdown one night when i was f****d up & on the rare occasion that i get f****d up if theres no one around to distract me the whole time i start thinking really hard about things & i saw an old box of those proactive vitamins (that are supposed to make your skin clearer and all that jazz) that my mum bought me cuz (and i quote) "it made her ashamed to be seen in public with me" because i had bad acne when i was younger & she would use my insecurities as something to hurt me when we were arguing... Anyway i cried and when he asked me what was wrong i told him all about it & told him i was going to bed to sleep it off, my boyfriend was asleep in the bed already & i went in & laid down & matt comes in a couple mins later & plays me this song & my boyfriend didnt know wtf was going on but he knew i was upset about something & matt & his girlfriend kristie sat @ the foot of the bed & my boyfriend held me & when the song was over i felt so much better lol anyway now when i hear this song it makes me think of them.
  • Naanoo from Kuwait, Kuwaitu got to be confident with ur self,love ur self and don't care about what other peaple think of u, and u'll be just beautiful :D
  • Meredith from Wauwatosa, WiThis song truly shows off Christina's amazing pipes. I love the message behind it.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyThe song itself is certainly empowering, and Christina Aguilera's singing makes it even more so. Notice that I said "singing": Too often, I believe, female singers are valued only for the prettiness of their voices (I think now of Maria and Whitney) or their sex appeal rather than their ability to use their voices as instruments for portraying or provoking deep emotion or thought. That is the real talent of great singers like Billie Holliday, and Christina Aguilera showed, on this song, that she has that ability. You go, girl!
  • Violet from Santa Barbara , CaThis song is just perfect. It will always be one of my favorites. Maybe it's the combo of Linda Perry's lyrics and Christina's vocals that just make it something very special.
  • Violet from Santa Barbara , CaI can't believe this was on the first take either...incredible! I had no idea Linda was originally going to do the song either...ohhhh I'm soooo glad Christina did it!!
  • Kali from Van Nuys, CaI saw her when she was on Tour with Justin TimberLake and at the end of her set she came out with this shirt that said "God Sees No CoLor" and sang beautifuL...It was...BeautifuL! LoL! She's Amazing!
  • Katy from Portland, Ori luv this song! i sang it 4 my skool talent show and a lot of ppl liked it. it is very inspiring.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjLove this song! Christina is telling everyone that beauty on the inside is more important thaat beauty on the outside! Good for her!
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhGLAAD thought that crossdressing was a positive image of gays? I don't think that the majority of gays wear women's underwear, but I could be wrong about that.
  • Aaron from Mississauga, CanadaThis is one of my all time favourite songs. It really makes me feel good when I listen 2 it. Christina definitely deserved the Grammy & the praise she got from this song & her voice is amazing. I give her 150% 4 getting a load off her chest & 4 creating a song that has a very positive message. U go girl!
  • Paul from London, EnglandThis song really gets a grip on me. The name of the song says it all. I believe this was a turning point with Christina Aguilera.
  • Casie from Denver, CoChristina after the whole kiss she totally grew up not like Britney,she continued with the whole slutty girl but more likely Christina still was that sexy girl but they dont look at her that way slutty as in the begginning,she started to still make thoes deep feeling songs,I mean it doesnt matter who ppl are. I was in class the other day and not that i like school but my teacher said were going to hear beautiful of Christina and she told us that it doesnt matter who ppl are because God loves u and he will forgive u and everything happends for a reason. If you make fun of ppl and laugh at them for example if they are dumb then u are laughing at God. Im not religious but this song is really interesting and a really good move of Christina,not like Britney. She is so irresponsable.
  • Casie from Denver, CoMia,that was so funny. At the talent show and damn! Not that im a lesbi or anything but I didnt know that Lindsay Lohan had like a sexy body,I mean when she was in Mean Girls in the talent show singing the Christmas Jingle Bell rock she was like a total slut. That ovie rocked.
  • Mia from Wellston, MiIn The Lindsey Lohan Movie...Mean Girls...A Gay Guy Friend Of Cady's (lohan) Sings This Song At A School Talent Show...It Was A Very Funny Part (he gets a show thrown at him)
  • Josie from Colchester, EnglandChristina picked well to do this song, her voice is just great for this tune. I think this just shows how she now thinks about herself, even though she got badly bullied when she was young. She is a very strong person!
  • Stephanie from Calgary, Canadai really like this song and i agree with Harriet i dont like how she dresses but she has an amazing voice
  • Shawna from San Diego, CaChristina deserves the Grammy more than anyone in her era. Being an singer means knowing how to sing, not acting the part. She is a wonderful artists and all that matters to me is that she sings, sings, and sings. I love her gifted voice.
  • Helen from York, EnglandI don't really like Christina Aguilera, as she strikes me as being far too into 'sexiness' rather than music... but I like this song. It *is* beautiful and a good use of her talent.
  • Sue from Danbury, CtVery positive, upbeat song with a meaning which is often lacking these days.....
  • Harriet from Trowbridge, EnglandI think this song has a lot of feeling and a lot of meaning. I don't really like the way she dresses, but I love her song BEAUTIFUL. She has a strong voice and I think she uses it well.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiafilm clips are a bit tacky, whats next pornos?,
  • Shana from Radcliff, KyChristina says it's okay to just be who you are....don't be afraid......
  • Audrey from La, CaThis is definitely beautifull. I really don't care what anyone thinks or says about Christina she is by far up there with Mariah Carey and Whitney (before the drugs) maybe better as she goes. Iam a singer not a professional one but I've had a lot of experience in the field and let me tell you the kind of stuff she sings is even hard for me to sing. There is jus something that makes her much more talented to the like of the other pop princesses who rely on looks (breasts etc.) to make records. This ex-genie girl can SANG!
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