Album: Intriguer (2010)
  • You arrive
    Like a dragonfly
    Float above the grass
    Trembling still

    Think you might
    Open up your heart
    Open up your heart
    Someday you will

    Yes, there's always a way
    Yes, there's always a way
    To end this isolation

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Whoa whoa whoa
    Ah ah ah

    When you rise
    Like the Milky Way
    On a luminous night
    The epic unknown

    Though I try
    Try to find a sign
    Of another life
    I am alone

    There's always a way
    Yes, there's always a way
    To end this isolation
    One step away from everyone

    If you could open it up
    You could connect it to us
    One step is more than enough
    To get a look in

    You could be already gone
    I wish you would take me along
    To end this isolation
    To end this isolation

    I try so hard to get it right
    Look for something in your eyes
    And I see it
    But you won't let yourself feel it

    I wait for you to make a sign
    Let the door open in your eyes
    And I believe it
    That one day you'll step inside Writer/s: Beth Hart, Jimmy Khoury, Tal Herzberg
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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