The Sound of Settling

Album: Transatlanticism (2003)
  • I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots; that my tongue is tied off
    My brain's repeating if you've got an impulse, let it out!
    But they never make it past my mouth

    This is the sound of settling
    This is the sound of settling

    Our youth is fleeting, old age is just around the bend and I can't wait to go gray
    And I'll sit and wonder of every love that could have been
    If I'd only thought of something charming to say

    This is the sound of settling
    This is the sound of settling

    I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots Writer/s: BENJAMIN GIBBARD
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Daniel from Mexico, MexicoTo me, the song is about a middle-aged guy ("old age is just around the bend") who hasn't really accomplished all he dreamed of in his youth, particularly regarding romance ("wonder of every love that could have been"). And mostly his lack of success was because of his being too shy, too afraid to say how he feels. The "hunger" twisting his stomach into knots represents all the desires and dreams bottled up inside.
    BTW, I absolutely love DCFC.
  • Holden from Salt Lake City, UtThey're indie, not emo.
  • Paigw from Urbandale, Iadon't forget about ben folds he's part of the postal service
  • Ashley from Naples , FlYes Izzie, all their songs are this good and yes Tom, Ben Gibbard is half of The Postal Service. Jimmy Tamborello is the other half. Some of my favorite DCFC songs that have yet to be mentioned would be Tiny Vessels, We Looked Like Giants, and President of What.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiwow i love dcfc. my fave songs: soul meets body, title and registrastion, a movie script ending, soudn of settling, and a lack of color.
  • Corey from Dallas, Tx"I'll Follow You into the Dark" from their new cd "Plans" is one of the most beautiful songs Ben Gibbard has ever written.
  • Tom from Harrogate, England"Fake Frowns" and "the new year" are the coolest songs ever and the lead singer was in/is in (i forget) the postal service (not my fact someone elses)
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiive only heard one of this band's songs called soul meets body but its gorgeous!! are all of this band's songs this good?
  • David from Meh, TxDeath cab for cutie is Indie rock...dumy
  • David from Meh, TxDeath cab for cutie isnt emo rock :| its indie i.e. slow rock
  • Erin from Vista, Caya this band song is great the lyrics r deep i see it as the same .. some feels they have to "settle" and not truly get what they want.
  • Mike from New Point, VaI've never heard of this band before, but their name is also the name of a song recorded by the Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band. They play the song "Death Cab for Cutie" in the Beatles movie "Magical Mystery Tour" and the Beatles were great fans of the band. One of the guys in the band (Neil Innes) went on to perform as one of "The Rutles" a Beatles spoof band.
  • Karyn from Grand Falls, Canadadeath cab for cutie are amazing .
    i love them so much. emo rocks .
    woo go death cab .
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