The Only One

Album: The Open Door (2006)
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  • When they all come crashing down- midflight
    You know you're not the only one
    When they're so alone they find a back door out of life
    You know you're not the only one

    We're all grieving
    Lost and bleeding

    All our lives
    We've been waiting
    For someone to call our leader
    All your lies
    I'm not believing
    Heaven shine a light down on me

    So afraid to open your eyes- hypnotized
    You know you're not the only one
    Never understood this life
    And you're right I don't deserve but you know I'm not the only one

    We're all grieving
    Lost and bleeding

    All our lives
    We've been waiting
    For someone to call our leader
    All your lies
    I'm not believing
    Heaven shine a light down on me

    Don't look down
    Don't look into the eyes of the world beneath you
    Don't look down, you'll fall down,
    You'll become their sacrifice
    Right or wrong
    Can't hold onto the fear that I'm lost without you
    If I can't feel, I'm not mine,
    I'm not real

    All our lives
    We've been waiting
    For someone to call our leader
    All your lies
    I'm not believing
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  • Andrea from AustraliaOh and I hear the chorus and bridge as her talking about herself coming to that realisation about certain people in her life. So shes saying that the best place to look for truth and guidance is from yourself and the universe, rather than putting your life and psyche in the hands of people who may be (purposely or unintentionally) going to shatter your joy for life and faith in following your own path. People who will hurt that inside of you just because life or others have beaten it out of them and they don't want to be "the only one" who had that beaten out of them by life.
  • Andrea from AustraliaI've always listened to this song with the thought that it is talking about people in the world who are jaded and broken themselves, and so consciously or unconsciously they will find ways to hurt you or shatter your hopes and dreams just so they don't feel alone in their brokenness. "when they all come crashing down mid-flight, you'll know you're not the only one". The kind of people who do this can appear to be close friends who mask their destructive agenda with being "helpful" or understanding. These people can be in positions of authority, like teachers, community leaders, church leaders etc. Or they can just be charismatic "friends" who end up basically white anting your positivity and happiness. Or they can be more blatant, hurting others do they don't feel alone in their pain. I know it's not the intended meaning, but listen with that thought in mind and it really makes sense and illuminates that kind of intent that some people have. Wolves in sheep's clothing.
  • Anna Desi from Jakarta, IndonesiaAnzi you are so right! I love the song because the huh huh huh too. Well actually I love all the Evanescence songs and I love Amy Lee, she is like a sister to me - at least when I listen to her I'm not feeling alone :)))
  • Desi from Eddyville, KyOh dear god, not the Christians. T_T But, great song, I really love this song! <3
  • Laura from London, EnglandSo kate, you've never heard Touniquet then???
  • Kate from Tulsa, OkAmanda i agree with you, at first i didn't think evanescence could write a song that referred to Jesus Christ, But my friend told me about this song and i thought hey this does sound bit christian.

    -God Bless-
  • Laura from London, EnglandIf the problem was my comment about not listening to the song if I was interpreting it wrong, then I already stated my reason...."Because I could not condone singing along to lyrics like that."....
  • Melissa from Tasmania,I love this song, it is one of my favourites. It reminds me of my family, when I was young we would go to public shows and parks (which I thought of that before Amy Lee started singing) and as I entered my teenage years I came spiraling into depression for many reasons I do not wish to explain which caused me to want to commit suicide (first verse and other parts of the song) and my sisters had depression too and about last year my mother left us all (we've been waiting for some one to call our leader) she told us many lies and that just made me worse and in the end I just prayed that my life would get better and everyone kept telling me I'm not the only one with problems, as if I tried making them that. I know I don't deserve to live and I know that I am not the only one. I listen this song as much as possible. There is many other things I can tell you about how I relate to this song but it'll take days! I'd just like to add that Evanescence has given me a reason not to go insane with this life and they're are truely my favourite band. Thank you Amy for this wonderful song and all your other songs and I hope to purchase a new album in the future.
  • Crystal from Fresno, Ca....I have trouble understanding how you can love a song and then hate it because you think it says something that you may be interpreting wrong.
  • Anna from Wilmington, Ncoh it says this on the interview i was talking about on
    This is the link.
  • Anna from Wilmington, NcThis is not even about god. if you go look it up instead of thinking its about what you think you would know that. Amy tels you what its about in an interview she said this as her description of the song "The song is about some of my experiences as a teenager with close-mindedness. I thought the people around me seemed lost in a world that I really didn't belong in. It's kind of spiritual. We originally called the track 'Tuna Afternoon', because I made tuna noodle casserole that day. We still call the song 'Tuna Afternoon'. Sometimes it's hard to get past that working title."
    and said this too "Image:Vin1.jpg It's weird. I was inspired by lots of things. The lyrics were really about a lot of my youth when I felt like I was in a very small town, I was in Little Rock and everything, and I felt very different from everyone around me, became really apparent, and places like school and church, I just felt like nobody got what I really wanted to hear, I guess. You want the truth, you want the real answers, you want the meaning of life, and you just get stuff that's easy to swallow, so... I don't know, I guess the songs is about growing up and realizing you have to kind of find the answers and not listen to everybody who you think knows what they're talking about. But yeah, Terry and I just wrote music till very very early in the mornings when we were writing The Open Door and I remember writing forever and being so excited about that song and I thought it was the first single and like, it's the best song in the world and... I don't know, eating a lot of food and just [laughters from the audience] being stupid. We love this song very much."
  • AnonymousThis is a powerful song. I believe this song is about the world ending, when the Christians are raptured up into heaven. I believe she is referring to God, as "the leader". In the verse "All our lives, we've been waiting..." I believe she's trying to say, that all our (Christians) lives, we've been waiting to be raptured up into Heaven before the world ends. "...for someone to call our leader", means that Jesus is coming. I think she refers Christians as "The Only One", as in, you're not alone, and that we're all going to be raptured into Heaven. I think the verse, "All your lies, I'm not believing" refers to Satan, the liar. In the verse, "Don't look down...don't look into the eyes of the world beneath you..." is referring to Hell, telling the Christians to be aware that Satan will be trying to turn us against God. "Heaven shined a light down on me", means that she's being raptured, going to Heaven. Its all in the book of Revelation, its hard to understand because its all in metaphors, but it basically talks about what will happen when the world ends, and what to be aware of.
  • Amanda from Galt, Cadude shes not refering to george bush shes refering to jesus christ to come and lead us, not every teenager is interested in george bush
  • Kevin from Squaw Valley, CaI thought the word "midflight" might be alluding to 9/11. If that was the case then the references to "Dumbya" make more sense. That is, until the final sentence of heaven shine your light down on me. Then it reflects off of W and back to???
  • Laura from London, EnglandNo, I'm sorry but after re-listening to this song, I have tried to think it?s about what the info on here says it is but it just doesn't fit. Think about it...The 1st Verse (sounds to me like it) deals with Angels then suicide. The chorus sounds like she's saying she doesn?t believe in God anymore and the last line sounds like ?If your real then prove it! Shine a light down on me!?
    The second chorus she could be singing to other Christians and the middle 8 is like sarcastically speaking to God as if to say "Don't look into the eyes of the world beneath you cos you'll become their sacrifice, that?s all you care about = yourself!"
    Finally "Right or wrong
    Can't hold onto the fear that I'm lost without you" looks like "I?ve been a Christian for so long but I can?t hold on to that fear of you anymore." ?If your real then prove it?, seems to me, to be the underlying message within this song...
    I don?t want all this to be true form Amy but Just wondered what everyone else thought about it...I'd be glad to be wrong!
  • Laura from London, EnglandI am so glad to hear what this song is really about because it sounded at first that Amy had given up on God, especially in the chorus!!
    Which would have been a real shame cos I really like the song and love to listen to it but if it was about giving up God, I could not condone singing along to lyrics like that. (As I am a Christian.)Now I can fully enjoy it once again! :-D
  • Caleb from Lindale, GaOh and I think she was hinting at the war as well, "When they all come crashing down mid-flight (planes, armies)
    You know you're not the only one".
  • Caleb from Lindale, GaI think the song is slightly political in essence. I think that Amy is tellingthe older generation (presidents, forceful parents, etc.) that they're not the only ones in the world, that the younger generation has a voice too. Also I think that Amy is hinting that no government ruler can take the place of God. "All our lives
    We've been waiting
    For someone to call our leader
    All your lies
    I'm not believing
    Heaven shine a light down on me"
  • Charlotte. from I Don't Need A Stalker., PaI think it's about someone who want to commit suicide(crashing down, back door out of life) and Lee's saying to stay and help save other people(the leader part) and they're hoping for a reason to live(heaven shine a light down on me). It's a very good song and an inspiration to me.
  • Heather from Lafayette, LaThis is one of the strongest songs on The Open Door, both musically and lyrically. Of course all songs are open to interpretation. But, I have to disagree with Jacquie's assesment. I have never heard or read an interview where Amy Lee stated George W. Bush inspired these lyrics. If that's what it means to you, fine, but don't politicize this song!
  • Amanda from Madisonville, TnI believe this song speaks about how in times of hardship and struggle, people will try to look to someone for guidance. Yet, sometimes, the person that people had felt could "rescue" them from those hardships could be thier worst enemy.
  • Anzi from London, EnglandI love the background - huh huh hu-uh. Many a time have fellow evanescence junkie, Maddy and I sung this together - me doing huh huh hu-uh and her doing the rest. Many strange looks from companions lol :) great memories!!!!!!!!
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