White Ferrari

  • Bad luck to talk on these rides
    Mind on the road
    Your dilated eyes watch the clouds float
    White Ferrari
    Had a good time
    16: how was I supposed to know anything?
    I let you out at Central
    I didn't care to state the plain
    Kept my mouth closed
    We're both so familiar
    White Ferrari

    Close by me
    You will find
    You will find me
    Is this the slow body
    Left when I forgot to speak
    So I text to speech, lesser speeds
    Texas speed, yes
    Based takes it's toll on me
    Eventually, eventually, yes
    I only eventually, eventually, yes
    I care for you still and I will forever
    That was my part of the deal, honest
    We got so familiar
    Spending each day of the year, White Ferrari
    Good times
    In this life, life

    One too many years
    So taste what I lived on a facelift
    Mind over matter is magic
    I do magic
    If you think about it it's over in no time the best life

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    I'm sure we're taller in another dimension
    You say we're smaller and not worth the mention
    You're tired of movin', your body's achin'
    We could vacay, there's places to go
    Clearly this isn't all that there is
    Can't take what's been given
    But we're so okay here, we're doing fine
    I'm up and naked
    You dream of walls that hold us in prison
    It's just a scar, at least that's what they call it
    And we're free to fall Writer/s: Ommas Keith-Graham, John Winston Lennon, Charles Christopher Breaux, James Blake Litherland, Paul James McCartney, Kanye Omari West
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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