Not Guilty

Album: George Harrison (1979)
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  • Not guilty
    For getting in your way
    While you're trying to steal the day
    Not guilty
    And I'm not here for the rest
    I'm not trying to steal your vest.

    I am not trying to be smart
    I only want what I can get
    I'm really sorry for your aging head
    But like you heard me said
    Not guilty.

    Not guilty
    For being on your street
    Getting underneath your feet
    Not guilty
    No use handing me a writ
    While I'm trying to do my bit.

    I don't expect to take your heart
    I only want what I can get
    I'm really sorry that you're underfed
    But like you heard me said
    Not guilty.

    Not guilty
    For looking like a freak
    Making friends with every Sikh
    Not guilty
    For leading you astray
    On the road to Mandalay.

    I won't upset the apple cart
    I only want what I can get
    I'm really sorry that you've been misled
    But like you heard me said
    Not guilty Writer/s: GEORGE HARRISON
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
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  • Virginia Abreu De Paula from Minas GeraisOh My God. George Harrison's fans .... Better ignore them but maybe some words will make them wake up. Why do they try so hard to destroy The Beatles? Envy? I do think they have no idea that in this fruitless attempt to put George in a pedestal above all others, they in fact are saying George was a very idiot man. Even George said he only started composing more in 1966. And he was invited to the band to be the lead guitarrist. Not as a composer, as he was not a composer at that time. He was such a lucky man for being a Beatle. If he had been invited to any other man nobody would ever listen to his voice. Even when he was not composing he would be the lead singer in at least two songs in each album. Just think about the other bands to see if the lead guitarist had such a chance. keith Richards...he only sung a couple of times. Brian Jones never had this opportunity. George had the same importance of any other member. He was free. He could release solo albums and he was the first to do so in 1967. Now suppose it was true. He was indeed a victm of two dictators.... Only an idiot would remain in the band. He left once ...but returned in a few days smiling to the walls. Oh, come on...They were already thinking in changing that agreement most songs would be by Lennon and McCartney in 1969. An agreement he accepted when it was decided...He accepted, understand? So he could not complain at all.
    It is true he started complaining around 69, but that was the dark times when all of them made lots of mistakes. Times of Troubles, as Paul said in the song Let it Be. But he knew very well he could not complain. He presented only one song for Sgt Pepper's. There is only one there not because they didn't accept his song, but because he simply didn't gave any!
    So he let lots of songs with no place to record. Lie! He could release solo albums without leaving the Beatles. Just see their History to see all of them were free. Paul also composed for a movie and released the songs in the soundtrack album as George did. John created his Plastic Ono Band.
    George loved to be a Beatle. He was a close friend to all of them. i know because there are so many signals including in things he said later, and also in his videos! We can see him wearing the famous collarless suit. Wearing the Sgt Pepper's uniform...He wrote Fab! And he was the one responsible for the show Love by the Cirque de Soleil. His idea. Did he ask for his solo music in the show? No. Only the Beatles songs. He decided to be close to the Monty Python because, according to him, the Beatle Spirit had landed there. He had to be where the Bestles Spirit was.
    Fans also ignore the lots of times George was a pain in the ass, arrogant, and even rude to the others, mainly Paul. I don't mind. I love him anyway, as i love all of them. But why to accuse Paul and John all the time and never see how terrible George could be? No, he was never a victim. And this image of victim is awful as describe him a very stupid man, something he was not. It is disrespect to him.
    Now, to say it is songs like No Guilty contributed to the break up of the Beatles is simply a crime. It never challenged the works of paul and John because they were all Beatles in the same band. It was good for the band. john said loud and clear Something was the best song in Abbey Road. What happened when George became such an amazing songwriter was the opposite. That was when they decided he should have four songs in each album! That is what happened. That is the truth. But George's don't like the truth. They invent ugly stories...that disrespect George!
    So why was this song not included? Same way Mayb Im Amazed was not included, Gimme some Truth was not included and so on...The Beatles broke Have you heard about it? Lots of songs by all of them were only recorded much later in their solo careers.
    By the way...102 takes for this song. And Paul was the perfectionist? Come on.
  • Fran from Swarthmore,pa., Pait is songs like this that contributed to the break-up of the BEATLES!! george was becoming a BRILLIANT songwriter, with songs that had substance & challenged the works of LENNON/McCartney. still he was getting his 2 songs an album!!"I only want to do my part, I won't upset the APPLE cart." What a great LYRIC!!!
  • Aneaaron from México City, MexicoThis song is awesome, it could be cause they are The beatles!!!!
  • Rocky from Fort Worth, TxThe Beatles version is awesome! It sounds as if The Beatles had recorded a Doors song.
  • Kevin from Reading , PaThe White Album version is far superior. It's timely and its angry and therefore it's an honest musical statement. The solo version from '79 is too pedestrian. George could be lazy as a songwriter and had a history of recycling old songs and even old backing tracks ("You," originally from 1970 for Ronnie Specter)when he came up short on product. You is especially egregious because he should have re-recorded the backing track and put the song in a lower key that he could sing better. It's still a good song, but he's straining on some of the vocals.
  • Susan from Toronto, CanadaIn an interview with MUSICIAN MAGAZINE George Harrison said about this song: "It was me getting pissed off at Lennon and McCartney for the grief I was catching during the making of th White Album. I said I wasn't guilty of leading them astray in our all going to Rishikesh to see the Maharishi. I was sticking up for myself, and the song came off strong enough to be saved and utilized.
  • Glenna from Gilbert, AzI actually do prefer the version on his self titled album, George Harrison. By then, it seems, some of the edge was softened and it wasn't quite as angry sounding. I bet they were all a little miffed about the lyrics!
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThis definitely should have been on the White Album.
  • Drew from Grand Rapids, MiYes the Anthology Version is very nice.
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaYeah, it is cool. It seems to reflect George's frustration with his fellow bandmembers as they were drifting apart. Maybe that's why he had them record 102 takes. :-)
  • Marina from Seattle, WaThere's an version of this on the last Anthology CD set; it's very cool.
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