Quest For Fire

Album: Piece Of Mind (1983)
  • In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
    When the land was swamp and caves were home
    In an age when prize possession was fire
    To search for landscapes men would roam.

    Then the tribes they came to steal their fire
    And the wolves they howled into the night
    As they fought a vicious angry battle
    To save the power of warmth and light.

    Drawn by quest for fire
    They searched all through the land
    Drawn by quest for fire
    Discovery of man.

    And they thought that when the embers died away
    That the flame of life had burnt and died
    Didn't know the sparks that made the fire
    Were made by rubbing stick and stone.

    So they ploughed through the forest and swamps of danger
    And they fought the cannibal tribes and beasts
    In the search to find another fire
    To regain the power of light and heat.

    Drawn by quest for fire
    They searched across the land
    Drawn by quest for fire
    Discovery of man. Writer/s: STEPHEN PERCY HARRIS
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Roger from London, United Kingdom@Travis - Oh come on, a high point on POM? POM is one of their best albums: Revelations, Die with you boots on, The Trooper - all monster tracks. QFF is lyrically quite ropey and probably the worst track on the album but musically it's pretty good.
  • Scott from Edmonton, AbThe funniest part of the song is without a doubt not the Dinosaurs line, but the part where Bruce sings, with great drama in his voice, "AND THE WOLVES... they howled into THEEEE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!". I always burst into laughter when I hear it.

    And Steven, I disagree big time. Give me POM or Seventh Son any day, but I find their new stuff is way better. It's more serious and reflective. Especially the new album The Final Frontier. In fact, The Talisman or The Man Who Would Be King are more exciting than the old stuff IMO. I love all Maiden, but that's just how I feel.
  • Johnny Thunder from Lakeside, CaDude i thought was awsome who cares about the f--king lyics shut up
  • Charlie from Bozeman, Mtthe lyrics are a little hokey but musically this song rocks.bass rocks.guitar rocks.saw it live in 84.had no complaints.
  • Edgar from Athens, GreeceWTF?The song is not great and complex but it is still very good!!
  • Claude from Kingston, MaI was going to comment on the opening line - "In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth...." But I see it's been covered. It is in fact one of the stupidest first lines ever written. Embarrassing. But bad Maiden is better than good anyone else! ('cept for that Blaze Badly stuff. God he sucked.) UP THE IRONS!!!!!
  • Steven Stimple from Bangor, Memaiden fan, yes! I am really only a big fan of the "peak era" 1980 to 1988. I have just recently given the new albums a serious listen (brave new world on) and..... the blaze baily stuff aside (the man couldn't even sing yuck!) I just don't get the intense feelings that the classic stuff gives me. nothing. the magic is somehow gone. dance of death, boring, monotonous! so I have been going over the classic not so popular tracks for a form of new content. in comes quest for fire? lets say the newest stuff makes this track shine as an undiscovered jem that I never really payed too much attention to before? they will never have that sound again. I love it. although, brave new world (album) seems to have some magic the more I listen. but that's it.
  • Rock Lee from Hidden Leaves Village, JapanHaha I laugh whenever I hear the "Dinosaurs" line
  • Overkill from Ann Arber, MiThis song is not about cavemen, it is about human nature. The lyrics produce great imagery. This is a great song, only shallow people think otherwise.
  • Mill from Clagary, Canadai think that "quest for fire" is a great song... not one of their worst!
  • Leah Peah from Glen Burnie, Mdquest for fire is one of my favorite songs,all maiden songs kick ass just some are better then others
  • Francisco from South Gate, CaQuest of fire may be the most poorly written song in this album but the riff is pretty good
  • Rae from Sydney, AustraliaThis song can be good. turn it to impossible decibels, turn the bass up, ignore the lyrics...
    It is hard to like this song since it is placed in Piece of Mind. The lyrics are rather pointless and silly, however people must remember that Maiden isnt really for its lyrical qualities, i mean "If ur gonna die, ur gonna die"?! Meh, enjoy the song, it beats half the other wannabe heavy metal bands, and the really disturbing death metal scandinavian bands...
  • Rex Jackson from Sleze Lans, MaI love Maiden... Can name everysong (and lyric) in order from "Iron Maiden" to "Brave New World"
    By far the worst song ever...The "Dinosaur" line is much worse the "cunning fox in a chickens lair" (from "Run Slient, Run Deep, Malcome Dome of Kerrang was never impressed with the chicken line and laughed at them for it)
  • IngÃ?lfur from ReykjavÃ?k, IcelandQuest for Fire is one of my favorite Maiden songs, though the lyricks aren't that great.
    I love the solos and the basslines and how Bruce sings and of course, the drumming. It's an exellent song.

    It would be worth to mention that they've never played this song live.
  • Ahab from Slam Town, CaThis song has the worst/funniest opening line of all time:


    How the hell did Bruce manage to sing that without laughing?
  • JonasHow can anyone say that this is an aweful song. - Maybe you ought to be in a certain mood to get most out of it, (e.g. maybe you should not start this song just after finished listening to Hallowed be thy Name). Quest for Fire - in real life is - a great part in the evolution of the human kind, (including the evolution of understanding!) - If you think again, - get in the right mood, read the lyrics and listen to tunes and the entire song, you'll soon start to appreciate it a lot more!
    / Jonas
  • Travis from Minneaplouis, MnFirst off how can you say "Quest For Fire" is a bad song, thought it's not the strongest song off "PIECE OF MIND" it is a STRONG point on the album
  • Francisco from Fortaleza - Ce, BrazilI like very much "quest for fire" by Iron Maiden. Although it has no complexity, it's well arranged, well performed, and it couldn't be different because of high profile of Maiden's musicians. Furthermore, this song protraits the Maiden's lyrics concern to interesting contents, mainly related to art such as literature and movie. It sounds tasteful to listen and inspire us intellectually.
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