Word Play

Album: The Recession (2008)
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  • [Chorus]
    You niggas want word play
    But I'm bout bird play
    1st of them month, yea we call that bird day
    Just look at em' fly (hey) [Repeat: x2]
    You niggas want word play
    But I'm bout bird play
    3rd of the month, yea we call that bird day
    Just look at em' fly (hey) [Repeat: x2]

    I'm way too intelligent
    To play wit my intelligence
    What you trying to say?
    What I'm sayings not relevant?
    I still represent
    Cause I'm a representa
    3 Benz and just for a 9 PC chicken dinner
    Young boss right back like a rubber band
    Bought a whip "look y'all, no hands"
    "Stop this nonsense where's your roof?"
    All dis nonsense, there's no use
    Married to the game yea we just got eloped
    Depending on the shipment we might need a boat
    I'm talking big money anybody any on the case
    Yea we switched up the status now we on to the states


    It just a waste wit all hip hop
    Young killed hip hop?
    "don't you know this dumb nigga still talkin' crack rocks"
    Got everybody followin' that makes him a leader
    And he got to get indicted just to make u a believer
    If that's that case then I really do apologize
    That I memorize
    And I fantasize
    Then I visualize
    And I strategize
    One false move will get your ass penalized
    Nigga you can't be serious
    What if Pac was hearing this
    "You bullshitting me?"
    I'm sure biggie would agree
    If he had to pass the torch, then that bitch'll go to me
    Now wouldn't you agree? does it matter? I accept


    Have you ever see a blue rolls go on the black grass?
    Nigga go broke in investing a black mask
    Entrepreneur he found him a new crack
    A round of applause congratulate that nigga
    Cause when he get rich they goin' hate that nigga
    They goin' try they best to try n break that nigga

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    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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