Not To Blame

Album: Turbulent Indigo (1994)
  • The story hit the news
    From coast to coast
    They said you beat the girl
    You loved the most
    Your charitable acts
    Seemed out of place
    With the beauty
    With your fist marks on her face
    Your buddies all stood by
    They bet their
    Fortunes and their fame
    That she was out of line
    And you were not to blame

    Six hundred thousand doctors
    Are putting on rubber gloves
    And they're poking
    At the miseries made of love
    They say they're learning
    How to spot
    The battered wives
    Among all the women
    They see bleeding through their lives
    I bleed
    For your perversity
    These red words that make a stain
    On your white-washed claim that
    She was out of line
    And you were not to blame

    I heard your baby say
    When he was only three
    "Daddy, let's get some girls
    One for you and one for me"
    His mother had the frailty
    You despise
    And the looks you love
    To drive to suicide
    Not one wet eye around her
    Lonely little grave
    Said "He was out of line, girl
    You were not to blame" Writer/s: JONI MITCHELL
    Publisher: Crazy Crow Music / Siquomb Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mrmeaning from Uk'Not to Blame' is widely understood to be Joni's condemnation of her ex Jackson Browne as a wife-beater who drove women to suicide but says he's not to blame. Her 'Song For Sharon' (on 'Hejira' ) also puts the boot in about the suicide of Jackson's first wife, Phyllis Major. The casual reader/listener might well assume that honest Joni, who knew him well must be telling the truth. But the truth is: Browne isn't a violent man. He earned her lifelong deranged emnity by not loving her enough and then dumping her. See, if you will, my post:
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