In My Secret Life

  • I saw you this morning,
    You were moving so fast.
    Can't seem to loosen my grip,
    On the past.
    And I miss you so much,
    There's no one in sight.
    And we're still making love,
    In my secret life.

    I smile when I'm angry.
    I cheat and I lie.
    I do what I have to do,
    To get by.
    But I know what is wrong,
    And I know what is right.
    And I'd die for the truth,
    In my secret life.

    Hold on, hold on, my brother,
    My sister, hold on tight.
    I finally got my orders,
    I'll be marching through the morning.
    Marching through the night,
    Moving 'cross the borders,
    Of my secret life.

    Looked through the paper,
    Makes you want to cry.
    Nobody cares if the people,
    Live or die.
    And the dealer wants you thinking,
    That it's either black or white.
    Thank God it's not that simple,
    In my secret life.

    I bite my lip.
    I buy what I'm told.
    From the latest hit,
    To the wisdom of old.
    But I'm always alone,
    And my heart is like ice.
    And it's crowded and cold,
    In my secret life Writer/s: LEONARD COHEN, SHARON ROBINSON
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Madison from Norway, MeIt took me a while to warm up to this song of Leonard's when I first heard it. Never heard the cover version.
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