Alone I Stand

Album: Incarnate (2016)
  • A day of great tribulation is upon us
    A time of deception conflict and unrest
    I will not cower in fear and submission
    I will hold my ground and resist

    It all starts in the mind
    From the beginning of days to the last and final end
    Uncertainty bleeds from within
    Open wounds stitched with precision
    Mind and body conditioned to obey
    They call us sons and daughters
    Only sheep led to the slaughter

    So many times, so many lies
    I am disconnected from a system I've rejected, yeah
    No allegiance
    Defiant I withstand

    This resistance
    I reject what you demand
    And alone I stand

    Rank, file and number
    We are gears in the machine
    Unseen to the eye
    The shackles are on the inside

    Illusion of security
    Rejection of this supremacy
    Confusion led us to submission
    Disconnection from a system I've rejected

    No allegiance
    Defiant I withstand

    This resistance
    I reject what you demand
    And alone I stand

    There is great tribulation upon us all
    Deception, conflict and unrest, upon us all (upon us all)
    I will hold my ground
    I will, I will resist, yeah

    Now I reject (I reject)
    I reject what you demand (what you demand)
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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