Workin' For MCA

Album: Second Helping (1974)
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  • Seven years of hard luck, comin' down on me
    From the Florida border, yeah up to Nashville, Tennessee
    I worked in every joint you can name, mister every honky tonk
    Along come Mr. Yankee Slicker, sayin' maybe you're what I want

    Want you to sign your contract
    Want you to sign today
    Gonna give you lots of money
    Workin' For MCA

    Nine thousand dollars, that's all we could win
    But we smiled at the Yankee Slicker with a big ol' Southern grin
    They're gonna take me out to California,
    Gonna make me a superstar
    Just pay me all of my money
    And mister maybe you won't get a scar


    Suckers took my money since I was seventeen
    If it ain't no pencil pusher, it got to be a honky tonk queen
    But I'll sign my contract baby, and I want you people to know
    That every penny that I make, I'm gonna see where my money goes

    [Chorus] Writer/s: EDWARD C. KING, RONNIE VAN ZANT
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Kilgore Trout from Anywhere UsaThese guys are great. 2nd album is sweet
  • Dan from Berlin, NhThis Album was part of Save the Fox Theater venue in 1976. Most of the proceeds went to the theater. This is also one of the greatest songs on one of the greatest albums I've ever heard.
  • AnonymousWhat is the intro before they played workin for mca from Atlanta 1976.
  • Joe from Plant City, Florida Just a straight up awesome tune. Not bad for some rednecks from the woods in Jacksonville, Fl. Great guitar riffs, great lyrics.
  • Brian from CaliforniaIn workin' for mca, isn't it slickers steal my money, not suckers?
  • Tom from Bridgeport, CtThe funny thing is they asked Bob Burns who was Skynyrds drummer at the time if he could fill in and he was so drunk he passed out as they asked him.
  • Jon from Tucson, AzJeanette, on I've found footage of Keith Moon passing out at the end of Magic Bus and again during Won't Get Fooled Again. So at least The Who's part of the performance was filmed and there's material trickling out. During The Who's set, Pete Townshend was heard remarking, "They really are quite good, aren't they?"
  • Hannah from Atlanta, GaLynard Skynard is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jeanette from Mcgrady, NcI would have liked to have been a fly on the wall backstage during the Quadrophenia tour. Can you imagine how scared these guys were? I wonder if any of this tour was filmed?
  • Jacquie from Sparks, NvA horse tranquilizer is what made Moon pass out. Hard to believe that a guy could stay alive after that, but not after taking a few Heminevrin...
  • Jon from Sunnyvale, CaThe Who performed most of Quadrophenia on this tour. The first concert was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The performers in Lynyrd Skynyrd were so nervous that evening that they did shots of whiskey backstage and blistered through their set in a state of panic. Bassist Leon Wilkeson said they were the first band to open for The Who and not get booed. Later that night, Keith Moon, under the influence of something, passed out during the concert and was replaced by Scott Halpin, a fan in the crowd. It must have been quite the evening!
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