Something I'm Not

Album: The System Has Failed (2004)
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  • Your mind tells you that you've lost your confidence
    You're drifting and ya don't believe in anyone
    To lose what little you have left to be proud of
    Afraid you can't do this again, ah!

    You said that nothing come in-between us
    The way of getting things we wanted done
    Then enissophobia held you under its influence
    Until you compromised your style

    Everything about you has been one big charade
    What will you do now that the well's run dry? Cry?
    To sell out all your friends and stab them in the back
    It's something that you are, it's something that I'm not

    When you forced me into doing what you love
    Mark my words no one loves you very much, yeah mark em'
    And when you tried to change me and tried to replace me
    I couldn't help but end just hating you, hmm!

    Being a fraud can only last so long, you should know
    Till what ya sensed as a child returns, you little baby
    To choke out the voice that told ya ?money and the fame?
    Would fill the crater that you dug for yourself

    Unlike you I'm no vision to myself, lest you forget
    You didn't ever make metal, buddy; metal made you
    To crush and run over everyone along the way
    It's something that you are; it's something that I'm not

    A stranger to yourself, ha! ya pissed me off again
    I won't be driven by your needs anymore
    What you'd become to do or be is clear to see for me
    It's something that you are; something that I'm not

    It makes me sick to hear you say you ?love me?
    I know you only love what I can do for you
    If you were the one that was leading the charge
    Would you notice if I missed a day or two? But that's impossible!

    We all laughed at the parodies that you'd become
    Now your pain slowly paid back has begun
    So, accept my resignation, or in your words ?betrayal?
    Before it gets much worse, end this self-sabotage

    Something that I'm not, something that you are, something I'm not
    Something that I'm not, something that you are, something I'm not
    Something that you are, something I'm not, yet Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Michael from AustraliaI think the excessive use of wah is a pointer to this song being about Metallica...I can't think of another Megadeth song with wah
  • William Reiser from Muskegon Heights MichiganI always thought that song was about the problem with getting fired from Metallica the first off I love the talica but from the Black album on up till hardwired to self destruct work all substandard compared to what they did in the past st. Anger I got cuz it was Metallica sucks so bad it was only CD by them besides reload that I sold at a used CD place and that someone else made a comment that Metallica is better then Megadeth wrong the only week album was risk and maybe some kind of hero I'm glad he got fire from Metallica because we would have never had all those rip your nuts off Megadeth songs I think if Metallica would never it had Cliff Burton die rest in peace and never fired mustaineI think that the flaps of load and reload and say anger would have never happened Cliff Burton's Bass which was played like a lead guitar and Dave mustaines viciousness Bay the early stuff the best I loved all the first four albums black was good solid and then the rest just blue chucks up to their newestanother band that started just a little bit after Metallica never got into the big four and they crush a lot of the thrashers on the planet and they've never add a sucky album and that's Testament
  • Shannon from Pheonix, AzI really dont think this song is about anything else besides metallica. For so long ppl said Metallica is the core of hard know and the lyrics say.."You didnt ever make metal, Buddy!, Metal made you!!"
  • Greatbrit101 from Liverpool, United KingdomI think its more about David Ellefson than anyone from Metallica "It makes me sick to hear you say you love me. I know you only love what I can do for you". This was probably in response to Ellefson suing Mustaine
  • Annie from St Louis, MoFrom what I understand this song is written about Lars ... I believe it was discussed on the megadeth website ...
  • Rob from Los Angeles, CaThis song is not about the producer from the Album RISK. It is about Mustaines feelings about being thrown out of metallica and his unstable relationship with james Hetfield and lars.
  • Steven from Viking, CanadaYou're right John, The System Has Failed does kick Saint Anger's ass, but, Metallica is the better band by far. Megadeth a very very close second.
  • Dallas from Viking, Canadagood song great album
  • John from Cape Coral, FlThe System Has Failed kicks Saint Anger's ass
  • Devon from Westerville, OhThe new Megadeth album is awesome. It's Megadeth playing like they did in the early days. Kick the chair and Blackmail the universe are the best songs in my opinion.
  • Boaz from Karmiel, IsraelKevin, he is right.
    Dave Mustaine once said in an interview it is about Lars Ulrich. After Lars Ulrich and metallica sort of betrayed them in Some Kind Of Monster (They made him look bad), he wrote this song.
  • Kevin from Sandy, UtI don't agree, I believe this song is about the producer from Risk, this man claimed to help the band forgiener write most of their hits, the evidence is in guitar world look it up.
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