Will You Be There?

Album: Dangerous (1991)
Charted: 8 7
  • Hold me
    Like the River Jordan
    And I will then say to thee
    You are my friend

    Carry me
    Like you are my brother
    Love me like a mother
    Will you be there?

    Tell me will you hold me
    When wrong, will you scold me
    When lost will you find me?

    But they told me
    A man should be faithful
    And walk when not able
    And fight till the end
    But I'm only human

    Everyone taking control of me
    Seems that the world's got a role for me
    I'm so confused will you show to me
    You'll be there for me
    And care enough to bear me

    (Hold me) Show me (lay your head lowly) lowly
    (Softly then boldly) Yeah (carry me there) I'm only human

    (Free me) Hold me
    (Love me and feed me) Yeah, yeah
    (Kiss me and free me) Yeah
    (I will feel blessed) I'm only human

    (Carry) Carry me
    (Carry me boldly) Carry, yeah
    (Lift me up slowly) Yeah
    (Carry me there) I'm only human

    (Save me) Fill me
    (Heal me and bathe me) Fill me up, put me up
    (Softly you say to me)
    (I will be there) I will be there

    (Lift me)
    (Lift me up slowly)
    (Carry me boldly) Yeah
    (Show me you care)

    (Hold me) Whooo
    (Lay your head lowly) Get lowly sometime
    (Softly then boldly) (carry me there)

    (Need me) Whoo
    (Love me and feed me) Fill me up, hold me up
    (Kiss me and free me) (I will feel blessed)

Comments: 7

  • William Terkaa from NigeriaI love the song, it has speak into my LIFE. I will be there.
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaIn July of this year, I listened to this song on my iPod the day that my grandpa died from a stroke at 88 years old. I was heading home on the bus after looking after my parents' house...and I wanted a sad-sounding moving song to accompany me home for the last few minutes of the trip. I never saw my grandpa again after September 2010 and on the same day he died was also the last day I saw one of my parents' cats alive. She was a very eccentric one, but she was also old, peeing a lot and losing weight rapidly. She died just eight days after my grandpa. And just this week, I was listening to the whole Dangerous album on my stereo and I had to pause the album after "Will You Be There" after hearing the speech part near the end of the song, as it made me realize that the death of a close family member will bring me closer together with others. As Michael Jackson himself said, "I will never let you part, for you're always in my heart."
  • Mega from Bandung, IndonesiaThis song is wonderful, touches deepest heart, thank's God for sending Michael to this world..
    See you in heaven mike..
  • Maria from Palmdale, CaThis song is realy nice it's how people
    should be with friends and family.Let them
    know your there for them in time of need
  • Shauna from Atlatna, GaEveryone should listen to this song. The message is clear and to the point.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyI remember hearing this in the movie Free Willy. I loved it from then on.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis song was released right before the sex abuse allegations - his career was never the same. Will You Be There? is a classic ballad.
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