Album: Philadelphia Soundtrack (1993)
Charted: 62
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  • Philadelphia
    Sometimes I think that I know
    What love's all about
    And when I see the light
    I know I'll be all right

    I've got my friends in the world
    I had my friends
    When we were boys and girls
    And the secrets came unfurled

    City of brotherly love
    Place I call home
    Don't turn your back on me
    I don't want to be alone
    Love lasts forever

    Someone is talking to me
    Calling my name
    Tell me I'm not to blame
    I won't be ashamed of love

    City of brotherly love
    Brotherly love

    Sometimes I think that I know
    What love's all about
    And when I see the light
    I know I'll be all right
    Philadelphia Writer/s: Neil Young
    Publisher: Silver Fiddle, WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Catnan from MississippiThank you David Geffin for his vindictive snub of this beautiful song or surely it would have gotten the Oscar. Neil refused to bend to Geffin's power tripping and Geffin never let it go. Years later, Neil and his music is loved by millions.
    Tell me again, who is David Geffin or better yet...who cares?
  • David from Huntington Beach, CaI love how the director contacted Neil and said "hey can you write me a song like Southern Man for my movie?" (or so) and then gave him this. Neil writes what he feels and this is what he felt. One of the most beatifully sad songs of all time...
  • Susan from Tampa, Flbeautiful song!!! and yes it was much more meaningful to use it at the end of the movie just as it was, i wish it won the Oscar
  • SinÃ?ad from Galway, IrelandThis is such a beautiful of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Should have won the Oscar.
  • Audrey from Alpena, MiMy brother had just died of aids when the Movie "Philadelphia" was released. My sister and I went to see the movie, glad our mother did not, for the pain of losing child was too great, something she never got over. When this song played our tears were inconsolable. And the song's lyrics: When the secrets came unfurled. Tell me I'm not to blame. I won't be ashamed of love. I have not read anything anywhere that better captures the sentiment and struggle the child - the initition story . . . My brother was born homosexual, of that I am sure. And why would he live alone because he is gay? Why should he? Why should he be ashamed to share his life with another ? ? ? He was well read, imaginative, and simply the most special person I ever knew - irresplaceable. Your song better captures - in a poetic way - the sentiment and stuggle a gay person lives - since childhood. The writing is superior to Bruce Springstien's song.
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrThis sounds like it would be the perfect little lullaby to sing to your little son or daughter. Neil Young seems to show his soft side on this song, and I believe it would fit so nicely on an album of soft lullaby music. My dad could sing this to me, since he sings just like Neil Young!
  • Eddie from Philadelphia, PaOk, this is my home town. The City of Passion. It is a great tune and it does convey some of the feeling of Philly but not all. Not that any one song could completely convey any one city ever, but it does a nice job of hitting you in the gut, which is where us Philadelphians wear our hearts. The passion we live with for our sports teams alone sync with the haunting overture of this song. Don't turn your back on me - that can be translated so many ways strictly talking about the people of Philly and the sports teams. I know this song had a different cause in mind, but it means so much more to me than what that movie portrayed.
  • Rob from Vancouver, CanadaThe better song....soulful. Not that Bruce's isn't
  • Susan from New Bern, NcI agree it's the better song, but I think that the song was in the perfect place at the end of the movie and much more meaningful.
  • Tom from Houston, TxA beautiful song. Neil sang it at the Academy Awards that year solo on piano. It's a bit obscure as it's not on any of his albums but does appear on the movie soundtrack. Maybe the best thing he's done since the 70's.
  • Janetlee from Panama City, FlThis is a pretty song. It should've beat Springsteen's song !
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