Words (Between the Lines of Age)

  • Someone and someone
    Were down by the pond
    Looking for something
    To plant in the lawn
    Out in the fields they
    They were turning the soil
    I'm sitting here hoping
    This water will boil
    When I look through the windows
    And out on the road
    They're bringing me presents
    And saying hello

    Singing words, words
    Between the lines of age
    Words, words
    Between the lines of age

    If I was a junkman
    Selling you cars
    Washing your windows
    And shining your stars
    Thinking your mind
    Was my own in a dream
    What would you wonder
    And how would it seem?
    Living in castles
    A bit at a time
    The King started laughing
    And talking in rhyme

    Singing words, words
    Between the lines of age
    Words, words
    Between the lines of age


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