Better with Time

  • This might seem strange
    Since so much time has passed
    And since only one of us
    Still looks the same
    Your words not mine, baby
    You're still fine yes you are
    Like wine, you get better with time
    So young and so naive
    That I never once believed
    That the memory of you would go through
    Like wind goes through the trees

    Maybe if you believe baby
    That I would no deceive you
    You and I side by side or somewhere
    In between

    I don't know if this is a bore
    But I just can no longer ignore
    This fact so sublime
    You get better with time

    Anyone who's met you agrees
    That no one forgets you most of all not me
    You can claim you're humble and hide
    But when it's true my dear
    It's not pride

    A jury of my peers would find me
    Guilty of so many crimes
    If I chose not to remind you
    That you get better with time

    This might seem absurd
    To someone so cultured
    And to one who would grace any stage

    When the hair that frames that face
    Dark brown or silvery lace
    What is age but a cage? Never mind
    You'll be blind to not know that you get better with time Writer/s: PRINCE ROGERS NELSON
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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