Let Me Live

Album: Made In Heaven (1995)
Charted: 9
  • Three four
    Take a piece of my heart (ooh)
    Take a piece of my soul (ooh)
    Let me live
    Oh yeah

    Why don't you take another little piece of my heart
    Why don't you take it and break it
    And tear it all apart
    All I do is give
    And all you do is take
    Baby why don't you give me
    A brand new start

    So let me live (so let me live)
    Let me live (leave me alone)
    Let me live, oh baby
    And make a brand new start

    Why don't you take another little piece of my soul
    Why don't you shape it and shake it
    'Til you're really in control
    All you do is take
    And all I do is give
    All that I'm askin'
    Is a chance to live

    (So let me live) so let me live
    (Leave me alone) let me live, let me live
    Why don't you let me make a brand new start

    Yeah, and it's a long hard struggle, yeah yeah
    But you can always depend on me
    And if you're ever in trouble, hey
    You know where I will be

    Why don't you take another little piece of my life
    Why don't you twist it and turn it
    And cut it like a knife
    All you do is live
    All I do is die
    Why can't we just be friends
    Stop livin' a lie

    So let me live (so let me live)
    Let me live (leave me alone)
    Please let me live
    (Why don't you live a little)
    Oh yeah baby
    (Why don't you give a little love)
    Go for it baby

    Let me live
    Please let me live
    Oh yeah baby, let me live
    And make a brand new start
    Let me live (let me live)
    Ooh yeah (let me live)
    Come on (let me live ooh)

    In your heart, oh baby
    (Take another piece, take another piece)
    (Take another piece, take another piece)
    Ooh please let me live
    (Take another piece, take another piece)
    (Take another piece, take another piece)
    Why don't you take another
    Take another piece of my, piece of my heart
    Oh yeah baby
    Make a brand new start
    Oh, baby baby
    Baby baby
    Baby baby
    Baby baby
    All you do is take, take
    Let me live
    (Ooh, let me live)
    Ooh yeah let
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Comments: 9

  • Terry Ewart from N.c.I still listen to queen weekly! Miss them all.......Oh Freddie......You still capture my heart. I toast a glass of Moët and Chandon to you, Brian, Roger, and John. Here is to album recordings so your music still lives on my radio.
  • Rachel from London, United Kingdom
    Love Roger's vocals on this, probably his best yet
  • Ryan from Eaton, InNo-one has ever been able to confirm that this song comes from any of the Rod Stewart jams--there were a few in the late 70s, and they also considered making 'Hot Space' a sort of 'duets' album, with a couple of tracks featuring Bowie, having some Rod Stewart vocals...I believe this is also one of the biggest parts of their history where they were talking to Michael Jackson (which resulted in the original demo of 'State of Shock', as well as 'Victory' which wound up on a Jacksons album). At any rate, nobody has ever confirmed where this Freddie vocal, or the basis of the song, came from; however, the original version contained lyrics from "Take Another Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin, which the label requested they remove to avoid suit from Joplin's estate.
  • Ched - from La Union, Philippinesi close my eyes every time i listen to this song... and my world freeze...i can feel every word and melody. awesome experience indeed.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScGreat song! Love the vocals!
  • Rosa from Reading, Englandshame this song could never have been performd live. sure freddie regreted that.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxAgreed with both
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaI agree with you Steph...... It truely is a song that grabs you.... Such a presious meaningfull one out of all.
  • Freddie from Orlando, Flyouve got to just sit and let this fill your heart. Theres something profoundly sweet about it, about the three boys all singing it togther. and the song in itself... its a very very wonderful one.
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