by Rush

  • And the meek shall inherit the earth
    We've taken care of everything
    The words you hear the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes

    It's one for all and all for one
    We work together common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

    We are the priests, of the temples of syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the priests, of the temples of syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    Look around this world we made
    Equality our stock in trade
    Come and join the brotherhood of man
    Oh, what a nice contented world
    Let the banners be unfurled
    Hold the red star proudly high in hand

    We are the priests, of the temples of syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the priests, of the temples of syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    I know it's most unusual
    To come before you so
    But I've found an ancient miracle
    I thought that you should know

    Listen to my music
    And hear what it can do
    There's something here as strong as life
    I know that it will reach you

    Yes, we know it's nothing new
    It's just a waste of time
    We have no need for ancient ways
    The world is doing fine

    Another toy will help destroy
    The elder race of man
    Forget about your silly whim
    It doesn't fit the plan

    I can't believe you're saying
    These things just can't be true
    Our world could use this beauty
    Just think what we might do

    Listen to my music
    And hear what it can do
    There's something here that's as strong as life
    I know that it will reach you

    Don't annoy us further
    Oh, we have our work to do
    Just think about the average
    What use have they for you?

    Another toy will help destroy
    The elder race of man
    Forget about your silly whim
    It doesn't fit the plan Writer/s: Alex Zivojinovich, Gary Lee Weinrib, Neil Elwood Peart
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Matt from Portland,orNo one is gonna mention Alex playing the lick from 1812 and the cannons?
  • William from Twilight ZoneComputer Matrix Theory.
  • Derek from N.irelandIf ever a song should be made into a movie, this is it! It has the potential to be up there with Star Wars, Avatar, Gravity, Interstellar, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, etc. Hollywood please make 2112 3D!
  • Eh from MdOMG, all this gibberish about why it was titled 2112. Uh, it's a play on the Overture of 1812 genuis'. An attempt to bring an air of sophistication to the piece. The tile of the first part gives it away. lmao
  • Jim from Massillon OhThis just kicks maximum ass. My older brother got me listening to Rush when I was 13 or so. This was back in the 70s. All there stuff from the 70s was there best IMO. But side 1 of 2112 was a cut above. Bought a 2112 concert t-shrt from the 1976 tour & it's getting so worn out I gotta get another. By-Tor & the Snow Dog is probably my 2nd favorite. Hemispheres kicks ass too!!
  • Matt from South AustraliaWow, if I said "2112 is 21+12 is (1+2)+(1+2) is 3+3 = 3 sides on a triangle. There are two lots of threes, therefore 2 times 3 equals 6. And there are three lots of three. So 3 lots of 6 equals 666. It is called 2112 because Illuminati." You would all believe me.

    In my opinion I think the Clockwork Angels album cover may have something to do with 9:12 hence 21:12, because it seems like Rush like being sneaky, but I don't know if that the band member's birthday has anything to do with it. So this is set in the future, so it's rational to have a year like 2112. I mean, the other stuff may be true but they probably didn't mean to make that many coincidences.
  • Vince from Windcrest, TxI always thought the name was from the year, but the characters in Rand's Anthem were identified by numbers instead of names.
  • Drake from Huntington Beach, CaI recently got a 2112 shirt on my 16th birthday and the next day I wore it to school. It's seems that the first thing people think when they see this is that I listen to Satinist music and followings, and that's unfortunate. It hurts me when people don't understand things like music album covers and just assume it's something from their own knowledge. Same for the Holy Bible, I'm a Christian and I ask some people what they think the bible is about and every response I usually get out of them is it's a book of laws you must follow or be punished when it's actually different than that, it means something else not so harsh and condemnful. The Satanism star is shaped differently and has lines in its middle, the Rush one doesn't, but then again I could see how people can get messed up with that sort of situation. Anyways, I've gone a little off topic, for those who don't know what the red star with the man in front of it means, here's what it does mean. In the album, there's a large group of individuals called the Red Stars of the Solar Federation who tell people what to do and what they can't do, sort of like Socialist Government (no offense). The naked man in front of the cover star represents the main character of the story, who's nameless. He is trying to stop the star from making its way into himself. He's pure and is creative instead of corrupt and brainwashed. The whole point is making sure his pureness is not washed away by the wrong. It matches up to sort of my scenario, if only people who don't understand things be wise and look it up instead of making up stuff they don't know about and assuming its right. Hope the resemblance above help solve your answers.
  • Brian from Columbus, OhI actually believe that my father sold or leased the music and words composed on the 2112 album by Rush, because I last performed the music in 4000 B.C.E. (Earth Years) on Planet Zerex as a Priest of Syrinx. I have received 5 Electroencephalograms since my birth in 1964, and at least one in my previous life in 1962. My father translated the tracers and died in 1979, before he ever described the translations to me, and promoted several other movies and books therefrom. As for the Author of Anthem; I have yet to discover her involvement or history as described herein.
  • Dp from Mount Airy, MdI miss Rush from these days when they would produce broad, sweeping, conceptual pieces like this one. Their recent stuff, while good, feels like they are trying too hard and overengineering everything. Don't get me wrong - their stuff is still LEAPS AND BOUNDS above most anything out there, I just long for their overture-driven stuff from the old days that had a theme.
  • William from Reno, NvRE: - Barry, Manchester , England

    "Why would the powers that be anounce themselves 'Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation We Have Assumed Control'?When the priests tell us in no uncertain terms they total control in 'Temples Of Syrinx' 'We have taken care of everything...' "

    Maybe they are afraid that their secret is out and they have to regain control of the Federation since it had been compremised? What better way than to do it heavy handedly?

    Just a thought.

    For those of you that don't think that Ayn Rand wasn't and inspiration for Neil/Rush you either need to take either one more or one less bong hit. She absolutely was!!!! She has been mine. I like to go back to the old saying, "If your not a Liberal at 20 you don't have a heart....If you're not Conservative at 30 You don't have a brain. Creative people are not all mind numbed robots.

    K/H D
  • Skip from Colchester, VtOn the Clockwork Angels album cover, the time clock shows the time of 9:12, which is of course in military time, 21:12. Not sure if anybody ever noticed that.
  • Ram from Nashville, Tnlast year i saw YouTubers say world ending in 2012 + was wondering of what Allen, Coquitlam said = so thought 2112 maybe predicting it too THEN searched to find this page ALSO a YTube video said it won't be end of world but end of an age to start the next age like Aquarius =who really knows ? only God Yahweh
    + this is my favorite long song to play on guitar n my 2nd fav is Xanadu = 3rd Limelight tottally rules the earth
    hey - i heard Rush changed their style in 1982 Signals cuz they accepted Christ n Jesus saved them + they no longer believe that old way = is that true ?
  • Blake from Thunder Bay, OnOn the record, 2112 was recorded a half step up. On all digital versions (Itunes, Youtube) and new CD's it is recorded in standard tuning.
  • Chris from Houston, TxIs 2112 48 X 44 or 96 X 22 or 24 X 88, etc. or is it (46^2) -4? Just wondering ...
  • Michael from Deridder, LaJust so this song wouldn't be lost in today's music, Guitar Hero's latest (and last, for now) video game, "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" used this song as a last resort to bring back Prog.....well, in my opinion, anyway. ;)
  • Tom from Antelope, CaIt seems strange to me that so many of you make comments about how this was such a big part of the rock experience of your youth and yet no takes issue with all the interpretations of its meaning even though on the back of the original album the band states this story of this song was relayed to them from a patient in a mental hospital. Am I the only one that remembers this? I know my friends and I were testing several different chemically-induced states of consciousness, but reading that made us all view the song with mystical reverence.
  • Shark from Quito, EcuadorI have a friend who likes Slipknot, Green Day, Evanescence and so on. He doesn't even know Anthrax! So I showed him 2112... looks like it's working. Now I'm going to make him listen Moving Pictures and some Ayreon. Maybe that way he'll see what is real music
  • Izzy from Orlando, FlAlright. You want to know the REAL reason why they call it 2112? The first 3 lines of the last verse"Attention all planets of the solar federation" has 7 words. They reapeat 3 times and thats 21. The last line "We have assumed control" has 4 words. They reapeat it 3 times and thats 12. Together it's 2112.
  • John from Beckley, WvA six month obsession in the 10th grade when I first discovered it and to this day still my favorite album from my childhood
  • Malcolm from Aberdeen, Wa2112 was also considered the band's last gasp at the recording industry. Each member decided that if this was going to be their last album they would gladly go back to their day jobs knowing that they created an album worthy of their best efforts to make something personally powerful and meaningful unto themselves. The band considered their career over due to their failure to connect with the record company and audiences willingness pay for an album they couldn't understand or identify with. As it turned out, it was a smashing success and sealed their official place as recording artists who handled every facet of recording, packaging and all.
  • Rufus from Wheeling, WvI forgive Neil Peart his infatuation with Ayn Rand, since he was in his 20s.
  • Hector from Bakersfield, CaWhen I heard this for the first time back in 76, the rest is history. Been a hardcore fan eversince. Too many people I know try to put to much into what either they are trying to say! or what kind of statement they are making, CHILL-OUT and enjoy what musicianship is all about. Waiting for the next R30 (R60?)
  • Barry from New York, NcI love the quiet part of 2112 with the flowing water (this comes in after "The Temples of Syrinx"). You have to listen in headphones, it's in stereo, and sounds so soothing!!! Alex then adds some tasty guitar licks above the water sound effects. A nice touch.
  • Wes from Mt. Dora, Fli know this has the musical quote from the "1812" song but what connection does it have did they just randomly choose the name
    is it like a modern version of "1812"
    and yes it is very similar to Anthem by Ayn Rand i had to read that for school
  • Brian from Streetsboro, OhRegarding the meaning of 2112 (21:12) and the Starman: 12 is the "mirror image" if you will of 21 (obviously, numbers would be backwards, but you know what I mean). Anyway, if you think of 12 as the mirror image of 21, go further and take a small, unframed mirror and place it standing up on the Starman with the mirror face facing to the left. The mirror should be placed directly through the center of the Starman from the top center of the star through the middle of the two bottom legs of the star. You will notice that in the mirror a devil appears. I have no idea what the meaning of this is, or if it has anything to do with their personal religious beliefs, but it's definitely there!
  • Arf from Los Angeles, CaIt's funny how Rush is labeled as libertarians after writing 2112, but their lifestyle mimics more of a liberal viewpoint. For example
    01) Rush never publishes a song if anyone is not happy with the song. They all need to have a say. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8efyecEyDRI&fmt=18 i:10 into the video, Neil says, "In all cases, it truly becomes the holistic idea of the greater of the sum of the of the parts..." thus opposing the Ayn Rand's philosophy of individualism.

    02) They live in the U.S. but they never gave up their Canadian citizenship thus paying more in taxes. Kinda opposite of the Libertarian philosophy, eh?
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaThis is one of my all-time favorite songs...
  • Zachary from State College, PaI know of one interpretation that says the song predicts the fall of communism...

    ... Oh, admit it! There are several parralels! Such as the Priests censorship of all media, and (probably the most blatant) the "Red Star of the Federation". It makes sense because Rush was always a very libertarian band. And in Communism, the gov't controls and owns everything.

    Long live Rush! Long live Neil Peart! Long live Prog!
  • Jim from Mburg, PaYou never forget your first concert: I saw something truly amazing that night at
    Hersheypark arena on May 13, 1980. During one of the guitar breaks on Overture, Neil tossed one of his drum sticks almost up to the point where you couldn't see it near the ceiling. Then, as it came down he caught it, only looking up once during the whole thing for a SPLIT second and caught it just as his part came in without missing a beat! The Soliloquy ended with Geddy's voice just echoing while holding on the word "over." The Permanent Waves show was truly one to remember!
  • Jd from Fairfield, OhWhen I first heard this it was just because I wanted to hear a 20 minute song... and now this is my favorite song, and I've got my friend hooked into it to. Rush is epic!
  • Dougee from San Bernardino, Ca"2112" was my intro to Rush, and I was hooked from the first couple of notes. Incredible coverage of the rock spectrum, from gentle acoustic passages to all-out metal!
  • Joseph from Montreal, QcI first saw Rush in 1975 with Max Webster as the opening act...Not getting any younger but still enjoy listening to great pieces of music such as this classic.
    Thank God, these guys are still around and rocking the planet!
  • Clay from Gonzales, TxI love this song by Rush!
    It is the ultimate epic!
    You should buy the album Different Stages,they play all parts live.
    As I said ULTIMATE EPIC.
    Not my favorite though.
  • Alex from Boucherville (montreal), QcI got a 2112 T-shirt... it's got a red dot a little above the word "rush" ! :-O Is it an printing error?
  • Phil from Philadelphia, Pafavorite rush album with my favorite rush song (title track)! i wish the other songs were as good as this one, it would make the album even godlier! Geddy Lee = bass god
  • Ryan from Eaton, InI can't believe no-one has mentioned that Alex's solo towards the end of 'Overture' includes a musical quote from Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.
  • Jared from Palmyra, PaThis is one of my favorite rush songs ever. I just saw them in concert for the first time the other day and it was absolutely amazing! They played this song and it was awesome. They might be old, but they still rock!
  • Kevin from New York, Ndsorry is one of my faves isne was a type-o
  • Kevin from New York, NdGREATEST SONG EVER 2112 isne of my faves
  • Evan from Calgary, Canadaamazing song espicially if your really baked :D
  • John from Asheville, NcI must also say I have no childhood ties to this album, although I'm old enough to have had them...so this song really has no nostalgic or sentimental significance. I'm sure that makes a bit of a difference to some.
  • John from Asheville, NcHonestly I think the song is overrated, although I do get the historical significance of the tune and, moreso, the album...particularly as it relates to paving the way for Rush's recording career to continue. It's a *good* epic...but I'd much rather listen to the consistent dynamic of a tune like Xanadu. Still and all, for an album-side's worth of material they did well. It's a "far cry" (rim shot) better than Fountain Of Lamneth, that's for sure!
  • Allie from Pine Knob, MiOnly being 14, my parents and their friends are very impressed with my knowledge of all things classic rock.
    2112 without a doubt was Rush's best work!!!
    Very well thought out, definatly Rush's calling card.
    You can't think "Rush" without 2112
    2112 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jules from Negaunee, MiTheir best work. Brings back so many memories of youth!
  • Phil from Harrisonburg, VaRush's 2112 is also, of course, a tribute to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. In the first segment of 2112 (the Overture), the guitar part near the end actually quotes one of the main themes from Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.
  • Evan from Arkansas, AlHey Derek,Monroe,CT that sounds pretty cool and i cant wait to try it but ijust have one question...... How the HELL did you figure this out. Were you just randomly sitting in your room and decided "Hey, I'll go see if 2112 fits with Willy Wonka." ????
  • Barry from Manchester , EnglandAfter his Dream/Astral journey 'Oracle:The Dream 'I believe he made contact with 'The Elder Race',and through this contact they came to the'Planets Aid'.My reason for this interpretation is that the 1st words uttered are 'And the meek shall the earth'[note this is a biblical quote,in 7 days God made the earth,7 songs may be just a coindence]The 2nd song 'Temples Of Syrinx' invokes a sense of total domination.Where as the 'Grand Finale' feels uplifting,a complete shift in conscious.The 'Elder Race' as come to rescue those they left behind from the suppression of self expression,etc.Why would the powers that be anounce themselves 'Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation We Have Assumed Control'?When the priests tell us in no uncertain terms they total control in 'Temples Of Syrinx' 'We have taken care of everything...'
  • Tony from Toledo, OhI had just finished a 3600 page study of mine on Ezekiel the prophet. In the last eight chapters he sees an angelic vision of a future temple of God. The angel gave Ezekiel the dimensions and arrangements of the buildings in this complex. Whenever I hear the song "we are the priests of the temple of Syrnix" I get excited. Of course, Rush is dscribing some fictious high tech futuristic religion, so why not get excited-God in heaven must have some big computers of his own!
  • Dave from Coal Valley, IlAwesome album......this album was always playing sitting in those basement parties on a Friday or Sat. nite when I was in high school...
  • William from Twin Falls, IdChuck is right. The Mayan Calendar ends on 12/21/12
    Not forgoing further correlation to the mysticism of this number, there are several other civilizations that pinpoint this day as being the "end of times".

    It is believe by scientists that our solar system will pass thru the eliptical plane of the Milky Way (IE top to bottom) and during the transition will be diametrically aligned with the center of our galaxy, a spot believed to contain a massive black hole. also, our sun has massive solar flares every 7 years and the last flare was in december of 2005. (recall the blackout anyone?) add 7 years to 2005 and you get 2012. these solar flares could potentially occur at the same time we are in the excessive gravitational pull of the black hole thereby effectively incinerating every planet in the solar system. this information was taken from a special called "Doomsday:2012" on the History Channel. CANT WAIT TILL DECEMBER 21,12
  • Chuck from Houston, Tx100 years before the story of this song is set to take place (2012) the miyan calender ends. I could be wrong, but I do remember the day being December 21st of that year.
  • Michael from Pittsburgh, PaI have to think that the song with the "weird voices" in it is actually Cygnus X1: "In the constellation Cygnus there lurks a powerful, invisible force"
  • Kenny from Wilmot, NhOne of my favorite albums of all time.
  • Justin from Kingsville, Canada2112 is an awsome song i'm learning to play the bass for it it gives me a whole new appretiation for it
  • Rocco from Toronto, Canadalookin forward to snakes and arrows on may 1st
  • Rocco from Toronto, Canadatom is right making this song twenty minutes and twelve seconds long would have been cool
  • Kickflipthecat from Podunk, NjIt would be a compromise to the music to try and make the song a certain length. They would have to edit tempos or alter verses and make the song feel unnatural. If you needed an additional 40 pages for a book (but no more), you would put in filler writing, but you wouldn't feel as if the book was as good as it could be, so why would a song be any different?
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtOh come on! They couldn't have added just another minute of music to make this song 21 minutes and 12 seconds?!? :-)
  • Thomas from Homer, GaAshley, the song with strange voices is most likely "The Necromancer", from "Caress of Steel". Buy it!
  • Wil from Milwaukee, WiTo Zak from KY: A concept album is where all the songs follow a similar theme or story...2112 is one example. Three other artists are Jethro Tull (Thick as a Brick & Passion Play), Yes (Tales From Topographic Oceans & The Gates of Delirium) and The Moody Blues (Days of Future Passed, In Search of the Lost Chord, To Our Children's Children's Children, & On The Threshold of a Dream).
  • Jake from Bellevue, IaI never actually said Neils birthday is why they called it 2112!!! If you REALLY look, you will see that I never said this. I said this as a CONNECTION!
  • Zak from Versailles, KyWhats Aconcept album, i said whats a concept album
  • Luke from Adelaide, AustraliaPresentation is the best part. love it. so cool how it goes from the narrator to the preist. the best bit is "Yes we know, its nothing new!"
  • Wil from Milwaukee, WiI have been a Rush fan since I was 16 (1975) and I am STILL amaze at their musicianship!! They are the MOST TALENTED musicians in rock music. BTW, the boys are currently working on a NEW studio offering (their 18TH!!)!!
  • Mitchell from Redding, CaTo tony, Lindenhurst, NY: exactly. This is the 2nd greatest song of all-time (behind Led's mind-blowing "Stairway To Heaven") and is incredible. I've alwys thought they should make a movie out of the song's story, kind've like PF's "The Wall".
  • Jenjen2112 from Aberdeen, OtherThe world is "suposidly" meant to end on the 21st of decemeber 2012... 2112?? aye... thats also my birthday arn't i a progster.. Rush are amazing i believe 2112 saved their music career or something like that but i am very grateful to you folk who know all this stuff cause i ahve learnt alot!! Jenxx
  • Allen from Coquitlam, Canadai think if we're going to get into the discussion about neil's birthday, i should also remind people that december 21st (21/12) is the day of the winter solstice, the beggining of the lunar year, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. also, it's the celebration of life in many pagan cultures. In addition, dec 21st, 2112 is the day the mayan calender ends, and the world begins a new phase of existance.. all of which are symbolized in the song. one would think that's a little more ingenious than the obvious 9:12 refference
  • Ben from Nyc, Msfor guitar playing
  • Ben from Nyc, MsAlex Lifeson and Jeff Beck are my inspiration
  • Ben from Nyc, MsFountain Of Lamneth is a better written song. Deeper.
  • Def from Houston, TxWhile I have to commend the depth of thought (and wishful thinking) that ties 2112 to Neil's birthday and other such things, the truth is that 2112 does indeed represent a year. It is also a tribute to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (cannon fire and all).

    You can read more about the 1812 Overture here:
  • Ben from Nyc, Ms Ashley, MOncton, Canada

    Theres a song called The Neocromer thats about 12 minutes long if I'm thinking correctly.
  • Ben from Nyc, Msmusic has never been so good.
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WaNo, I don't believe 2112 has anything to do will Neil's birthday, but I like the connection.
  • Travis from Phoenix, NyI might be mistaken but I though 2112 referred to the year, but Im pretty sure it doesnt have to do with Neil Pearts birthday.
  • Frodo from The ShireClassic. Temples of Syrinx is my favorite.
  • Tim from Upper Darby, PaAt the end of the song, the final words to the song are:

    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,
    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,
    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,
    We have assumed control.
    We have assumed control.
    We have assumed control.

    The first three lines is 21 words long, and the last three lines is 12 words long.
  • Brooks from Warminster, PaThis is one deep song i love how it is like 7 songs in a row.
  • Bill from Moriches, NyIt is argued about what the end of this song means. Most likely, it is the fall of the freedom of music. However, some believe it is a retaliation twords the totalitarian society.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaBrilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!
  • Jake from Bellevue, Ia21:12 is military time for 9:12 PM. 9/12 (September 12) is Neil Pearts birthday.
  • Brian from Taipei, TaiwanInteresting to note that for recent performances of "2112" (on "Different Stages," for example,) the band have played it a whole step down. (Thus, the first two chords after the swooshing noise are D and Gm, instead of E and Am. This is presumably to give Geddy's voice a bit of deserved rest. Geddy and Alex seem to be using instruments tuned flat for this purpose, as to keep familiar fingering.
  • Ed from London, CanadaIn the Showcase series "Trailer Park Boys", there is an episode where Rush is involved. When Ricky goes to Alex Lifeson's hotel room, the room number is #2112
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaCan someone tell me what the name of the Rush song is that's like twelve minutes long and has some weird voices on it?
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadagreat song, the first time i heard it, i was hooked
  • Derek from Monroe, CtIf you watch "Willy Wonka" and start playing "2112" when wonka gets his walking stick stuck in the ground, the song seems to match up with the movie. Like, the second the kid pretends to shoot wonka the music gets real loud and energetic. And when they walk into the room with the waterfall, Discovery starts which has a waterfall sound in it. And when they are on the boat the same waterfall sound is heard from soliloquy. I found it cool. It also goes along with a passage to bangkok and lessons, but the rest doesnt make any sense.
  • Keith from Shamokin, Paawesome album
  • Brad from Streator, Ilif moving pictures is a concept album thats the first i've heard of it.and tony from lindenhurst,ny. is exactly right about the story and it's influence.the futuristic guitar player ends up committing suicide at the end of the story.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaIve never heard all of 2112, only Overture and Temples of Syrinx because they are the two feature the most on their collection cds. Rush is purely AMAZING...and Canadian!
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxThat's right, Thomas of Victoria. In fact, I still have that particular issue of 'Defenders' in my personal comic book collection, and can't believe that I forgot to post this bit as a Songfact. Perhaps you should, since you pointed this out.
  • Mike from Clinton, MaThe water heard in Discovery is a waterfall. The story in the lyrics sheet tells of the narrator going to a waterfall cave were he finds the guitar.
  • Thomas from Victoria, CanadaThis song inspired a "Defenders" comic book issue
    -Thomas, Victoria, BC
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WashingtonThere is a hidden feature (easter egg) on the RUSH IN RIO DVD on the second disc that if you select the 2nd multi-angle video let it begin then go back to menu then select the 1st multi-angle video let it begin then go back to the menu then 1st again, then 2nd again "2nd-1st-1st-2nd" it will open a video from 1975, Anthem.
  • Thomas from Pittsburgh, PaThis song was not intentionally based on anything that Ayn Rand wrote, but came out that way in the end. As lyricist/drummer Neil Peart said in a 1991 "Rockline" interview: "The inspiration behind it was ... It's difficult always to trace those lines because so many things tend to coalesce, and in fact it ended up being quite similar to a book called Anthem by the writer Ayn Rand. But I didn't realize that while I was working on it, and then eventually as the story came together, the parallels became obvious to me and I thought, 'Oh gee, I don't want to be a plagiarist here.' So I did give credit to her writings in the liner notes."
  • Tony from Lindenhurst, NyAyn Rand's novel "Anthem" depicts with a totalitarian society where the government controls each person's life, even assigning occupations. The hero of the novel, a street sweeper, working in secret in an abandoned subway tunnel, manages to rediscover the electric light bulb. When he brings his discovery to the government, he is punished for his originality.
    In 2112, the hero rediscovers the electric guitar, with similar results.
    The segment entitled "Discovery" even takes us down into the tunnel with the hero (we hear the echoing sound of running water as the segment begins)
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxNah, I never considered this a "concept-album". Side one of the album does tell a complete story, while side two is a bunch of individual songs, that don't seem to fit in with any sort of concept. Rush would release several concept albums in the 1980s and 1990s, the first of these probably being "Moving Pictures", however.
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