by Rush

Album: Hold Your Fire (1987)
  • Hold your fire
    Keep it burning bright
    Hold the flame
    'Til the dream ignites
    A spirit with a vision
    Is a dream with a mission

    I hear their passionate music
    Read the words
    That touch my heart
    I gaze at their feverish pictures
    The secrets that set them apart

    When I feel the powerful visions
    Their fire has made alive
    I wish I had that instinct
    I wish I had that drive

    Spirits fly on dangerous missions
    Imaginations on fire
    Focused high on soaring ambitions
    Consumed in a single desire

    In the grip of
    A nameless possession
    A slave to the drive of obsession
    A spirit with a vision
    Is a dream with a mission

    I watch their images flicker
    Bringing light to a lifeless screen
    I walk through
    Their beautiful buildings
    And I wish I had their dreams

    But dreams don't need
    To have motion
    To keep their spark alive
    Obsession has to have action
    Pride turns on the drive

    It's cold comfort
    To the ones without it
    To know how they struggled
    How they suffered about it

    If their lives were
    Exotic and strange
    They would likely have
    Gladly exchanged them
    For something a little more plain
    Maybe something a little more sane

    We each pay a fabulous price
    For our visions of paradise
    But a spirit with a vision
    Is a dream with a mission Writer/s: GEDDY LEE, ALEX LIFESON, NEIL ELWOOD PEART
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  • Patrick from Bedford, TxNeil Elwood Peart, I'm taking away your middle name because you don't deserve it, you weak-ass lyric writing chump. Whoever is playing that keyboard, I'm going to take it also. Methinks this might not have been the best album for me to start with as a first time listener. Oh well, on to Turn the Page.
  • Johnny from Pomona, CaAyn Rand DID inspire Neil. In the album liner notes of 2112 it reads..."the genius of Ayn Rand."
  • Daniel from Mill Hall, PaThis is one of (if not My Most) favorite RUSH tunes. I have been a fan of the guys since the 70's, but when this album came out I LOVED it!! I have only been to see them once, in support of this album in 89, (It think it was); two of my best freinds got tickets to see them in Philly, and took me to see them as a birthday present! Who could have Better freinds??? This song Really gets me every time I listen to it, (and I get It!) Having said that, If I never get to see them again before I leave this world, I can go on knowing that I have experianced the sigle Greatest Musical and Lyrical entity in this world, or any other! Please be with us forever Alex, Geddy, And Neil, You have really enhanced My Life!!!
  • Tim from Toronto, OnThis is a favorite song for me on a favorite Rush album. Many early Rush fans don't like this album, but I play it front to back all the time.
  • Stacie from High Ridge, Moi cant describe the way this song makes me feel! i get butterflies! i been to 4 concerts i had 1st row the day my daughter was conceived and we named her with middle name rush (we later told them and neil gave us drumsticks when she was 3 weeks old!) then 3rd row then 6th and one not so great seat- but these 3 guys ged al and neil are incredible!!
  • Kevin from New York, Ndthis song is awesome and is a very powerful RUSH tune heh im listenin 2 it right now on my ipod
  • John from Asheville, NcThis is a huge standout tune for me....probably in my top 10 Rush all time. That comes mainly from a melodic standpoint, along with the lyrics. The last minute and a half or so in this song are arguably some of Rush's best and dramatic melodic moments in Rush's history. I get f-ing chills every time I hear it. Musically it's pretty minimalist...but what's there literally SOARS.
  • Mike from Indianapolis, InThis was the highlight for me on the summer tour! What a great live song! All the new stuff really rocked too, man what a great new album!
  • Adrian from Monterrey, MexicoThis song kicks a** live
  • Justin from Montpelier, VtI agree with Nick. The solo on the studio version would have been so much better if it had been even a minute longer. Regardless it is still a great solo.
  • Radly from Spring, TxAyn Rand DID NOT inspire Neil in any way. There was just a great similarity between the concept of 2112 and ayn rand's book anthem
  • Richard from Livonia, MiAn excellent example of Ayn Rand's influence on Neil Peart's lyrics...
  • David from Port Hawkesbury, CanadaI like this song, its very late 80's, early 90's.
    The lyrics fit quite well with the music.
  • Nick from Nyc, Nythe solo at the end of this song on "show of hands" is insane!!!
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