Can't Say Goodbye

Album: Ego Trippin' (2008)
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  • [Chorus]
    I'm a man I gotta take care of my family
    Fighting these precious in my life
    I know my mind should be on shining and getting grammy's
    But these streets won't say a goodbye

    I can't say goodbye
    To the blocks
    To the hood goodbye
    To the streets (to my problems)

    I can't say goodbye
    To the hood
    To the blocks
    To the streets
    I can't say goodbye goodbye
    To the blocks
    To the streets
    To the hood
    I can't say goodbye
    To the hood
    To the blocks
    To the homies

    [Verse 1]
    I guess it's true, you can't take the hood out a homeboy
    Plus, my hood just lost another homeboy
    Another one got life, and we don't know, if he coming home boy
    They in the street tell me "just leave it alone boy,
    Let them do them take care of your own boy"
    But I said back brake a bound, before I was grown boy
    You had dreams of being a dope boy
    Yeah, I was runnin' from the po po
    Banging for the turf, late night huntin'
    Puttin' me in work, good day comin', airbrush, shirt,
    Pay day, get the spot, got my hair cut first
    Made mom sick when I wouldn't go to church
    Yeah I live in the burbs, but I think 21st
    I know since I left that it's gotten much worse
    But I'd still be there, if I couldn't write a verse


    [Verse 2]
    To the the blocks that raise me, the enemies and the homies that made me,
    Tough enough to hang on the corners that would mold me
    Critics wonder if I'm tryna be the old me,
    But if the thing the old me ever left, then they don't really know me,
    And don't know, we don't change, we just become OG, you always addicted
    To the life, you just don't OD, I don't owe shit to the streets before they owe me
    Took me in when my moma didn't want me, to wild to be a child, and pops
    Not around now, all I got now is the homies, to teach me, how to be a man
    In what not, how to brake ounces in the grams and what not
    The reason I'm so nice with my hands and what not shit, you think I forgot, man


    [Verse 3]
    Thank good every day that the boy could spit
    And all around the world they enjoyin' my shit
    I know I got plenty more wars to get
    I got a, beautiful wife and some gorgeous kids
    But it wouldn't be right if I ignore the shit
    They made me how I am, the music in the man
    Told me that I can for the world gave a damn
    If it wasn't for my shit, they sayin' stick to the plan
    Probably be a gun instead of a pen in my hand
    Probably be doin' a dub and the pen with my man
    The say leaders streets but they don't really understand
    All I had was the block, when I didn't have fans
    Wrapped on the corners when I couldn't get spins
    All I had was the homies when I didn't have kids
    If it all come down and my career was to end, I'm sure my name
    Would live... In the streets


    I just can't say goodbye

    I can't say goodbye
    I can't say goodbye
    I can't say goodbye
    I can't say goodbye

    You can take the man out the streets,
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  • Mathews from Lusaka, ZambiaAs for this song means alot cause yestarday i was a boy bt today am a man,at times it hates to look back where you came from and it so hard say goodbye to the hood. From Africa to the world
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