Album: Savages (2013)
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  • Fire, the burning path
    Downstroy the weak minds
    Rising nature's demise
    Enslave system creation

    Everywhere is bloodshed
    Wasteland bloodshed
    Everywhere is bloodshed
    Wasteland bloodshed
    Bloodshed wasteland
    Bloodshed wasteland

    Life, ravage skullduggery
    Rage, dethrone the enemy
    Die treacherous leprosy
    Scorn the self inflict

    Everywhere is bloodshed
    Wasteland bloodshed
    Everywhere is bloodshed
    Wasteland bloodshed
    Bloodshed wasteland
    Bloodshed wasteland

    This is my redemption
    Strangling superstitions
    This is my conception
    Condemned for eternity

    Blood of the lamb touching the empty void
    Slowly eats my soul
    Drag down the black hole

    Join the cult of dark hope
    Swarm of deadly locusts
    Beware of the prophecy
    Rulers of reality Writer/s: MASSIMILIANO ANTONIO CAVALERA
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Songtrust Ave
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dzo from AtlantaStop the hate
    You degrade
    All we stand for
    The United States
    No one to blame
    For pain inflicted
    Nothing but shame
    Have you lifted
    Up so high for
    All to see
    Now they write
    Our history
    It matters not
    The color of skin
    Only the heart
    That lies within
    There's no excuse
    For what was done
    We are all different
    And United as one.
    That is the thing that makes us so special. Atlanta, I know we're better than this!
  • Dzo from Atlanta[A beautiful star]
    The day now begins
    Where the last one ends
    Another day to try
    To become friends
    Although we have failed
    Every day before
    Does not mean
    We close the door
    We are given
    Days and weeks
    A will to live
    The want to speak
    A need for air
    And so we breathe
    A beautiful star
    Beyond belief
    But darkened clouds
    Slowly roll
    The world now sick
    A deadly toll
    The warmth of life
    Now grows cold
    But a light now shines
    And to this I hold
    Against my fears
    That help is here
    So that I see clear
    That I hold near
    A world of wonder
    Is all that we are
    No matter how near
    No matter how far
    We must take care
    Of our beautiful star.
  • Dzo from Atlanta A light now shines
    The darkened clouds
    Slowly drift
    A slit of light
    Brightly rips
    A hole through
    This pain
    That we all know
    This disease to mankind
    It's time you go
    A light now shines
    It seems so bright
    But this is not the end
    We still must fight
    We must hold on
    Till it's very end
    Only then maybe
    We'll become friends
    A world of one
    Is what it takes
    We can't give up
    We must not break
    We must stand
    As a world united
    This is the only way
    We can fight it.
  • Dzo from AtlantaMother may I
    Go out to play
    No my child
    You may get sick this day
    Mother may I
    See my friends
    No my child
    Maybe never again
    Mother may I
    Ask you why
    Because the world is
    Sick and you may die
    Mother may I
    Wipe your tears
    Hold your hand
    And calm your fears
    Mother may I
    Ever have a wife
    Yes, but first we must
    Fight for our lives
  • Dzo from AtlantaWhat will we learn
    From this foe we face
    To stand together
    Or still sew hate
    Will we still bleed
    For a thing called war
    Or find the reason
    We're here for
    Will we still give in
    To the lust of greed
    Or will we trust
    And give in need
    Has mankind seen
    The light of day
    Or will the night
    Take us away.
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