How Beautiful You Are

Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)
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  • You want to know why I hate you?
    Well I'll try and explain.
    You remember that day in Paris
    When we wandered through the rain
    And promised to each other
    That we'd always think the same
    And dreamed that dream
    To be two souls as one
    And stopped just as the sun set
    And waited for the night
    Outside a glittering building
    Of glittering glass and burning light
    And in the road before us
    Stood a weary greyish man
    Who held a child upon his back
    A small boy by the hand
    The three of them were dressed in rags
    And thinner than the air
    And all six eyes stared fixedly on you

    The father's eyes said "Beautiful!
    How beautiful you are!"
    The boy's eyes said
    "How beautiful!
    She shimmers like a star!"
    The childs eyes uttered nothing
    But a mute and utter joy
    And filled my heart with shame for us
    At the way we are

    I turned to look at you
    To read my thoughts upon your face
    And gazed so deep into your eyes
    So beautiful and strange
    Until you spoke
    And showed me understanding is a dream
    "I hate these people staring
    Make them go away from me!"

    The fathers eyes said "Beautiful!
    How beautiful you are!"
    The boys eyes said
    "How beautiful! She glitters like a star!"
    The child's eyes uttered joy
    And stilled my heart with sadness
    For the way we are

    And this is why I hate you
    And how I understand
    That no one ever knows or loves another

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  • AlayneIt has always bothered me that The Cure didn't credit the lyrics to Baudelaire. It obviously wasn't just inspired by the poem!
  • Tj from Champaign, IlHuh? That about Baudelaire is an awful lot more useful than the usual "this song is about how beautiful u r" here.
  • Getúlio from João PessoaNever mind if a song was inspired in a poem or book, but bands should post some information about this in the charts of their products. It will be a prove of honesty.
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