Stand or Fall

Album: Shuttered Room (1982)
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  • Crying parents tell their children
    If you survive don't do as we did
    A son exclaims there'll be nothing to do to
    Her daughter says she'll be dead with you

    While foreign affairs are screwing rotten,
    Line morale has hit rock bottom

    Dying embers stand forgotten
    Talks of peace were being trodden

    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight
    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight

    Is this the value of our existence
    Should we proclaim with such persistence
    Our destiny relies on conscience
    Red or blue, what's the difference

    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight
    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight
    It's the Euro theatre
    It's the Euro theatre
    It's the Euro theatre

    An empty face reflects extinction
    Ugly scars divide the nation
    Desecrate the population
    There will be no exhaultation

    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight
    Stand or fall, state your peace tonight
    It's the Euro theatre
    It's the Euro theatre
    It's the Euro theatre

    Stand or fall
    Stand or fall
    Stand or fall
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  • Jf from UsI always assumed the song was about World War I, the horrible slaughter that chewed up soldiers like an insatiable beast. Horrific carnage without hope, trench warfare and unimaginable conditions. Gas, artillery, going over the top. The movie 1917 captures some of this, as does All Quiet on the Western Front. Line morale (the trench line) has hit rock bottom (remember that in 1917 the French soldiers began to mutiny at the senseless orders to charge to their deaths). The lyrics sound so much like that war.
  • Lechef from ChicagoReleased in 1982, it’s about a fear of nearly everyone in Europe, a hot war between the Soviets (Red) and the NATO Alliance (Blue). It was a concern for many young people in Europe in the 80’s, as there was fairly constant tension, and the statements and policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, ramping up military spending and increasingly jingoistic. Short range nuclear missiles in West Germany, MX Missiles, “Star Wars” space lasers. Legitimate fear, as it turns out, because in 1983, we came close, twice, to nuclear exchanges.

    The Euro Theater in this song is talking about continental Europe. Generally, Central Europe, from France in the West to Poland in the east.

    The songs lyrics, by virtue of being more impressionistic make it fairly timeless. My parents back in the 80’s might’ve told me not to do as their generation had done. Or really the generation before them, as my parents were hippies the whole 9. Our conversation would have been about a nuclear war, but you could just as easily see it being about global warming today. Or about internal strife. I’d like to think my brother would have the conversation with his kids about being more open to other people and seeking more justice for everyone. But whatever. It’s open to interpretation, but the Cold War was the thing at the time of the song.

    I LOVE the song for the music. But the lyrics are also close to my heart for their timeless nature.
  • AnonymousI always assumed that this song was about the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The threat of nuclear war was an ever present possibility, with Europe caught in the middle. "Crying parents tell their children, If you survive don't do as we did, A son exclaims there'll be nothing to do to, Her daughter says she'll be dead with you." Sounds like nuclear war to me.

    The writer conveyed the futility and meaningless of it all with the line "Our destiny relies on conscience, red or blue, what's the difference."

    Recall that the song was released in 1982, a time of awakening in Europe, when many folks were getting tired of being caught in the middle between to nuclear superpowers.
  • AnonymousWell it is indirectly referencing WW2.
    But ITS THE EURO THEATRE is in present tense.

    Red or blue what's the difference.

    US is divided into Red and blue states.

    And yes, when Europe rises again, which it will, with . . . well whaddyakno . . . Germany at the top. (Fourth largest Superpower on the planet. AGAIN.


    It will indeed be stand or fall.
  • Larry Young from 55079,mn.I just saw the Fixx Saturday, dec.21 in mpls at the cedar cultural center. a great show, the band was on point and never faltered giving us the songs we wanted to hear. thanks guys!
  • Stephen from Temecula, Ca@Jim, I believe this song setting is in Europe during WWII. The Euro Theater is a term used to describe Europe which was being consumed by and involved in war. Stand or Fall is likely a reference to Hilter's march on the surrounding countries and how they either stood up to him or fell to his military power. The rest of the songs meaning takes off from there.
  • Jim from Pleasant Hill, CaIs this song about anything specific, or just general notions of rebellion in Europe? I always thought they were saying "stand up for" (which didn't make sense) when I hadn't seen the title or lyrics. But the meaning is still elusive.
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