Funky Worm

Album: Pleasure (1972)
Charted: 15
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  • You're a little late
    So step right this way
    And we'll get started
    What? Say it now
    Oh, say it now, say it now
    Me and the Ohio Players
    Are gonna tell you about a worm
    He's the funkiest worm in the world
    Alright, sing it, Clarence
    Clarence, theres' a worm in the ground
    Yes, there is
    Granny Thats right
    Clarence he's six feet long
    Granny six feet long
    Clarence he only comes around
    Granny when he wants to get down
    But when he comes out of his hole
    He sounds something like this
    Oh that's funky
    Like nine cans of shaving powder, that's funky
    Alright. Sing it again, Clarence
    And through all the land, yeah
    He plays in a band
    Plays in a band
    Plays guitar without any hands
    Pretty good, I might add
    When he grabs his guitar and starts to pluck
    Everybody wants to get up and dance
    Ah, get it baby
    Don't, don't, don't
    Don't fight the feeling
    Don't fight it
    Hey, don't stop now honey, get down
    I'm his manager, heh, heh
    Gonna make a million dollars
    I get it all, cause he can't spend it
    There he goes
    Goin' back in his hole
    Just the same way he came out
    Do we get paid for this
    I just wanted to make sure
    We do, OK


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