(Walking) In the Rain

Album: Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica (1964)
Charted: 23
  • I want him, and I need him,
    And someday someway woo I'll meet him
    He'll be kind of shy, and real good lookin' too
    And I'll be certain he's my guy by the things he'll like to do

    Like walking in the rain (like walking in the rain)
    And wishing on the stars (and wishing on the stars) up above
    And being so in love

    When he's near me, I'll kiss him,
    And when he leaves me woo I'll miss him
    Though sometimes we'll fight, I won't really care
    And I'll know it's gonna be alright 'cause we've got so much we share

    Like walking in the rain (like walking in the rain)
    And wishing on the stars (and wishing on the stars) up above
    And being so in love

    (Johnny) no no he'll never do
    (Bobby) no it isn't him too
    They would never no they'd never never ever ever love
    Walking in the rain (like walking in the rain)
    And wishing on the stars (and wishing on the stars) up above
    And being so in love

    Oh oh oh where can he be oh oh

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  • Roy from SloughNot as good as Johnny Ray.
  • Moanin' Lisa from Chillicothe Mo.Such a great song & a good hit for The Ronettes. I believe it earned a Grammy in '65 for Phil Spector. I also recall that Billboard magazine was always "off" when it came to rating most rock & roll songs way back then. I never referred to Billboard, but always read the charts in Cashbox and Song Hits magazines. I recall the local AM radio stations would issue weekly charts sponsored by some soft drink company (Pepsi, Coke, Nesbitt, Royal Crown Cola, etc.) and that Be My Baby hit #1 in the Kansas City radio stations in '63. Baby I Love You hit #7, as did Do I Love You, and Walking In The Rain hit #9. I loved this record when it was climbing the charts. My first boyfriend bought me this 45 rpm single. He was nuts over The Ronettes. This record brings back some good memories of high school.
  • Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkVery good record & hit for The Ronettes. Love that thunder & The Wall of Sound !! I loved everything they did in the Sixties with Phil Spector. That Wall of Sound production was absolutely stunning to hear, back in the pre-stereo years. Some years ago, The Ronettes got into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame too. Well deserved. I believe Ronnie & Nedra are still alive, but Estelle passed away some years ago. Rock on, Ronettes!!
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 16th 1969, "Walkin' in the Rain"* by Jay & the Americans entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #89; and on February 1st, 1970 it peaked at #19 {for 1 week} and spent 15 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #8 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    Between 1962 and 1971 the Queens, NY quintet had twenty Top 100 records; four made the Top 10, "She Cried" {#5 in 1962}, "Come A Little Bit Closer" {#3 in 1964}, "Cara, Mia" {#4 in 1965}, and "This Magic Moment" {#6 in 1969}...
    They just missed having a fifth Top 10 record when "Let's Lock the Door" peaked at #11 in 1965...
    * Exactly five years earlier on November 16th, 1964 the original version by the Ronettes was at #34 on the Top 100; and thirteen days later on November 29th, 1964 it would peak at #23 {for 2 weeks}.
  • Kevin from CaliforniaThe liner notes on "Best of the Ronettes" say this song was done on the 1st and only take.
  • Elmer from Westville, Ok"Walking In The Rain" is a wonderful Ronettes/Spector hit. I agree that Billboard, in the 1960s, seemed to be off-the-mark on rating many rock & roll songs (and R&R songs too!). As a teen growing up in the Sixties, I preferred the ratings charts in Cashbox or Song Hits. Also, in the Sixties, most AM radio stations published their own hit charts for their listening area. In my home area (northeastern Oklahoma & northwestern Arkansas), most of the big AM stations put out their own chart lists weekly. I still have some from 1962 thru 1966. The AM stations are no longer in business though. I do recall that the major AM stations in my area rated the Ronettes' "Be MyBaby" at #1 and "Baby I Love You" at #2. Even "Walking In the Rain" rated in the Top Ten in northeastern Oklahoma AM stations in 1964. Wikipedia's bio on Phil Spector, the Ronette's producer at Philles Records, mentions that Spector's increasingly bizarre behavior in the Sixties made him some enemies in the hit chart rating business. Perhaps that might explain why Billboard rated the Ronette's records as they did. If so, they were guilty of exhibiting unfair business tactics (unethical?) concerning the Ronettes' recordings. What is the truth?
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumA very good song like all the Spector songs.
  • Jeff from Bayshore, NyBillboard seemed to habitually underrate all of the songs by the Ronettes. Be My Baby went to #1 on all metro NYC radio stations for 4 or more weeks. Baby, I Love You peaked at #11 on NY's WABC radio (#22 Billboard), (Walking) In The Rain peaked at #7 in NY (#23 Billboard). I would tend to believe the NY charts were more representative of how popular these songs really were.
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