Album: Visual Audio Sensory Theater (1998)
  • Touched,
    You say that I am too,
    So much,
    Of what you say is true,

    I'll never find someone quite like you,
    I'll never find someone quite like you,
    Like You,

    The razors and the dying roses,
    Plead I don't leave you alone,
    The demi-gods and hungry ghosts,
    God, god knows I'm not at home,

    I'll never find someone quite like you,
    I'll never find someone quite like you,

    I looked into your eyes and
    Saw a world that does not exist,
    I looked into your eyes and,
    Saw a world I wish I was in,

    I'll never find someone quite as touched as you
    I'll never love someone quite the way that I loved you. Writer/s: JON CROSBY
    Publisher: Songtrust Ave
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Karen from Mesa, AzJon is such a talented musician. His music seriously never gets old. I’ve been listening to his masterpieces since his release of Visual Audio Sensory Theater. I actually bought that CD not knowing who he was or what genre. I bought it because the cover looked cool. Boy was I ever pleasantly surprised! There’s not one song of his that I don’t enjoy.
  • Nisha from Valletta, MaltaOne of the most beautiful songs I have heard to this day. I can relate so much to the lyrics. The person that means everything to me is going away for a long period of time and I know that 'I will never find someone quite like him again or love some one in quite the same way' if everything ends when he leaves. This song inspired me so much and helped me deal with this that I made a video montage to its lyrics.
    If you ever get to read this gorgeous know that wherever you are you'll never be forgotten xx
  • Vynsint from St. Louis, MoTruly an amazing song. I can really feel for the singer, having been in that position before in my life; thinking you can't live without a particular someone in your life, and trying to cope with their absence. And i wouldn't have heard about this song, if it weren't for it being used in a promo for WWE Wrestlemania 25. Well, im a fan now. It's a beautifully crafted piece of music. I just wish i would've heard of these guys before.
  • Ed from Wading River, NyDefinitely about ecstacy!
  • Vince from East London, South Africawas also featured in a video compilation of samurai X : rouroni kenshin.. shyte, anyone should hav seen this i guess.. that song gave me inspiration through every word... takes u through a breakup like a psychiatrist... these guys know what it takes, wish they could apply it in all their music.
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