Goose Snow Cone

Album: Mental Illness (2017)
  • This song was inspired by a photo of a friend's cat named Goose which Aimee Mann received while on tour in Ireland. The singer explained to Billboard magazine: "My friends post a lot of pictures of their cat, Goose, on Instagram, and she's got white fur, and she really looks like a snow cone ball. So I start writing this song, and it's really more about being homesick and lonely than it is about the cute little kitty. It's very dumb that I kept the name, but once I wrote the song, I was stuck with it."
  • Mann used the actual Goose in the video, where we see her in some mortal jeopardy. The songstress recalled: "Her owners moved out here, so I put Goose in the video. Goose is a good cat. She's very photogenic. She wasn't really cooperative. I was amazed what they did with editing where they got shots later that made it look like she was cooperating."


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