Heavy Thoughts

Album: Heavy Thoughts (2016)
  • What is this song about? According to the man who wrote it in a February 2017 interview through his management: "The idea for the song... comes from again way back in the early Judas Priest days in 1973. Our manager Dave Corke put up posters everywhere of the band with The Heavy Thoughts Tour on and asked me to write a song called that to coincide with it. I started to write it down but I never finished it and I left the band in May '73. Years later going through some old photographs and lyrics that I was sorting out for a book I was writing called Dawn Of The Metal Gods I found these old lyrics out for the song and decided to finish it... it turned out very heavy indeed."

    Subtitled My Life In Judas Priest And Heavy Metal, Al's book was published in June 2009. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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