• This song is about the singer's refusal to be used by an anonymous woman only known as "Adelaide." The singer also tells her to "Quit making a scene," (which probably signifies that the two of them had been through that before) and the singer tells her that this "relationship" (if you can call it that) is through. >>
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    Julia - Richland, WA
  • When Stephen Christian was asked about the meaning of this tune, he replied that "it's a very bitter song about my own lack of self discipline." He explained: "For the longest time I was absolutely co-dependent on those I was in a relationship with. (hence lines like 'Shouldn't need anyone. I'm just scared of being alone'). If you notice in the Cities promo shot I tried to 'half-smile' so that people knew that the song was about me and not someone from the small town in Australia. No one picked up on it."
    Christian added that he chose the name 'Adelaide' "because it sounded better than 'Brenda' or 'Shenana'." (Source of quotes Anberlin Interviews)


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