Forget About Me

  • Tired of all the machinations of the music industry, Angie Stone was ready to quit until producer Walter Milsap III stepped in. This song symbolizes a key question she struggled with. "I woke up one morning and asked God, 'Did you forget about me' and started crying," she told Billboard magazine. "I called Walter later and said that God put this song on my heart."

    Using her past relationship with D'Angelo as a catalyst (she had a son, Michael Jr., with him), Stone co-wrote this song as a testament about a love that will always be there, whatever happens. "While I was telling the story, I had to compare this love to something people could relate to," Stone explained. "I thought about my relationship with D'Angelo, how people judged me being older, him being younger. People at the time just didn't understand pure love; they just didn't get it. I also realized in writing this song that I was in love with God and that my love for him had been interrupted as well."


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