Radiant Eclipse

Album: Waking The Fallen (2003)


  • This song can either be understood as about dying or being betrayed by a friend. It starts by saying, "Two nights ago I was shot, a bullet sunk straight through my soul. a friend pulled the trigger that silenced me" and then in the sung part he says: "I'll watch you call, calling for me, you can't bring back time, close your eyes or look away/ fate exposed and won't let me say." >>
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    Keaton - Fort Walton Beach, FL

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  • Mikeolomey from CaJames it's actually " a bullet sunk straight through the skull". Either way it's an awesome song!
  • Chris from Edmonton, Abold a7x is amazing there new stuff is good but there screamo stuff blew me off my feet
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomThis song scares the crap out of me. Especially the start. That's the first time I've been scared by a guitar riff. It's still a good song though, A7X rocks!!
  • Janae from Riverside, CaSorry Keaton but it's not "close your eyes or look away/ fate exposed and won't let me say." Change "say" to stay! ;)
  • Tina from Santa Ana, CaYeah for me its more of that maybe a way of saying that the song lyrics have to do with death AND betrayal because of the "Youre all gone to me." But I'm not sure seeing from it being in the point of view on an emo. Lol. Not much can say until we can ask the band. :]
  • James from Houston, TxIn the lyrics it says "A bullet sunk straight through my skull". Either way it's an awesome song!
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