American Jesus

Album: Recipe for Hate (1993)
  • In accordance with their band name, Bad Religion often takes on what they feel is misguided religious sentiment in their songs, and "American Jesus" flogs the concept of a nation believing it more blessed by God than other countries.

    Lead singer Greg Graffin and guitarist Brett Gurewitz wrote the song in response to US President George H. W. Bush's comment that the US would win the Gulf War (the first one) because God is on their side. It's pretty much a satirical view on the general American thought that the United States is the most powerful nation in the world because it is "One nation under God." >>
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    Laura - Dallas, TX
  • Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sang backup on this track.
  • Gore Verbinski, who also did the Bad Religion clips for "Atomic Garden," "Stranger Than Fiction" and "21st Century (Digital Boy)," directed the video, which shows the band performing while various people walk around with giant crosses (which were made of styrofoam).
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  • D Allen from CaliforniaOne of the greatest responses to republicans in this country, and religious nuts sad part they still think the same as then and now.
  • Patty from China Town, United KingdomHa, I can see Eddie Vedder doing something like that: singing back up just to spite republicans. I wonder if Kurt Cobain knew if Eddie did a little punk stuff, seeing as how Kurt hated Pearl Jam but loved punk.
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