Dead Out Of Love

Album: Translucent (2020)


  • Also known as "Don't Stop Now," this rocker from Betty Moon's Translucent EP is a treat for her longtime fans, who have seen the singer-songwriter transition from a straight-up rock 'n roller to a rock-inspired electro-pop performer. For the single release, the tune was retitled "Dead Out Of Love."

    Moon told Songfacts in a 2020 interview: "It's the same song but I wanted to create a single out of it that stood on its own. The lyrics are super simple, and it really revolves around that arena-sized riff that starts at the start. Just like Rage Against The Machine, certain riffs help carry a song completely and I wanted this one to be just that. I'll leave the meaning of the lyrics to be interpreted by the listener though. It has your classic 'no but yes I can't resist' theme."
  • This was also included on Moon's 2020 album, Little Miss Hollywood.


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