Spread Your Love


  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is an American rock group formed by Peter Hayes (vocal, guitar), Robert Levon Been (bass, vocal), and Nick Jago (drums). Robert Levon Been recalled on the band's website how this track came about:

    "I remember 'Spread Your Love' coming directly out of the ashes of 'Down Here,' an old B-side which we played live a lot. At one show I just didn't stop playing bass at the end of 'Down Here' after the song had ended, because it felt so damn good. Peter and Nick looked across at me like I was a total spaz, but then Nick just kicked in on that big-ass shuffle beat and the next thing we knew, 'Spread Your Love' was alive."
  • The song has been used in a series of commercials for Ketel One vodka as well as The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. It also featured in the 2003 Vin Diesel film A Man Apart.


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