It's My Life

Album: Crush (2000)
Charted: 3 33
  • This was Bon Jovi's first release since 1995. Jon Bon Jovi released a solo album in 1997, but this was the first release by the band in 5 years. It was the first single from the album.
  • The line "For Tommy and Gina, who never backed down," is a reference to their 1986 hit "Livin' On A Prayer," which featured Tommy and Gina as young people trying to get by in tough times.
  • The line "Like Frankie Said, I did it my way" is a reference to Frank Sinatra, who sang "My Way." Sinatra was from New Jersey, just like Bon Jovi.
  • Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora used a talkbox to create the odd vocal effects. The device gave him a distinct stage presence, since he needed to place a tube in his mouth to use it. When Bon Jovi performed this on VH1 Storytellers, Sambora had one microphone for his talkbox and another for backing vocals. Their 1986 hit, "Livin' On A Prayer" also featured a talkbox. Peter Frampton builds all of Richie Sambora's talkboxes for him.
  • This was featured in a promo for ESPN's SportsCenter. In the spot, they talk about how well New Jersey sports teams are doing, them mention Bon Jovi's new album. At that point, Bon Jovi plays this in the middle of the newsroom.
  • Bon Jovi performed this at the 2001 "Concert For New York" to benefit victims of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Jon Bon Jovi also spoke at the show.
  • They played this at the closing ceremonies of the 2002 winter Olympics from Salt Lake City.
  • Bon Jovi played this at the beginning and end of the 2002 NFL season. They performed it at the pregame festivities of the first game, and then again in the closing ceremonies at the Super Bowl.
  • This was played at the arena immediately after the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup in 2003.
  • This was one of the most successful Bon Jovi singles internationally, reaching #1 in many countries, including Austria, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.
  • In October 2009 a mash-up of the song with Usher's "Confessions" by the cast of the American musical comedy TV series, Glee, peaked at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100, outperforming Bon Jovi's original version.

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  • Kcmwong from Hong Kong, Hong Kong2009 in Hong Kong, some newspaper said that a Hong Kong band copied this song chorus into his composition but changed to chinese lyrics.
  • John from Borås, SwedenThis song was co-written with Swedish demon producer Max Martin (the guy who made Britney Spears, Backstreet boys, Kelly Clarkson etc stars) when he dared BJ to create a "new" livin on a prayer. Unfortunately the collaboration left a bitter after taste due to indifferences regarding which version of the song to be included on the album. Obviously BJ won that argument and Max went on record afterwards saying that if they had choosen his preferred version the song would had broken all records. Jon claims that Max only got credit as a co-writer for being in the same room and that his impact on the song was less than minor. Anyways, a very popular song in Europe back in the days but not one of the best BJ songs.
  • Jack from Cohasset, MaThe version of this song on YouTube with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland sharing the lead vocals is awesome, maybe the best kick ass rock song ever.
  • Uzoma from Kano, OtherJust when you've decided to start being You. Go get a Bon Jovi album. I think any. Awesome song!
  • Jesus from Alabama, DcAkadia, Quebec, Canada..he has a nephew named tommy and a niece named gina
  • Hilary from Toronto, Ontario, -The video for this RULEZ! i have watched the video over and over and it never gets old. and of course Bon Jovi is THE BEST.. i can't see why anyone wouldnt like him
  • Margaret from Wausau, WiJon Bon Jovi ROCKS!!! He is, like, TOTALLY the best singer out there!!!! He is so AWESOME!!! mm:)
  • from Br, MiYes it is Will Estes who is Tommy in the video
  • from Br, MiYes his name is Will Estes of NBC's American Dreams
  • Peter from Staten Island, NyGood song; played alittle too much though, especially by my roommate. other than that I can't complain about it
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, Nji'm a born jersey girl, so bon jovi is a natural favorite. i love this song
  • Scott from Columbus, OhReminds me of a song you might hear in a musical as some cheesy proclamation of a life finally discovered as when you recover from some devistating affliction.
    Too trite and boring for my taste...destined to become an anthem for some group such as gays for independance, woman against abuse...or maybe even a presidential election.
    Either way, it's nothing impressive for a group that has certainly earned their due for some really great music.

    See also Beautiful Day, and Sweetest day by U2 for a couple more examples of embarrassing music by more than capable artists.
  • Cara from PerthYeah I love this song too! On our school camp I have the best memories of the whole year just yelling it out, it seems really strengthening!
  • Bjorn from Amsterdam, Netherlandsit's my life isn't the first release since 1995 , they released a song for the movie edtv called real life
  • Akadia from Quebec, CanadaWhy does Bon Jovi always talk about Tommy and Gina?!
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI don't like this so much. My friend says it's popular in Israel
  • Corrie from Calgary, CanadaI love this song.. it's so insipiring and it can pump anyone up!
  • Peter from Mistelbach, Austriathis song is brilliant. i love it.
  • Dylan from St. Charles, Mothat's awesome audrey. i hated this song when it came out, but it grew on me.
  • Helen from York, EnglandThis song always reminds me of standing in a dance bar in Germany whilst enthusiastic Germans sang this song at full volume. Gotta love 'em :)
  • Mel from London, EnglandBon Jovi are brilliant. long live rock!
  • Audrey from La, CaBest Bon Jovi song EVER! Especially the video its amazing. The guy who plays the guy running in the video to get to the concert is a hottie. I think his name is Will Estes. The girl in the video (Shiri Appleby) went to my high school class of 1997. Bon Jovi rules all the rock!
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