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  • Written by Boston leader Tom Scholz, the original title of this song was "San Francisco Day." He played it in various bands for years before reworking it as "Hitch a Ride" for Boston's debut album. >>
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    Jane - central, FL
  • In this song, lead singer Brad Delp sings about hitching a ride (possibly on one of those guitar-shaped spaceships on the album cover) to somewhere far away. It's not clear what he's leaving behind or if this is purely an emotional journey, but we know he's looking for freedom.
  • All eight tracks on the Boston album, including "Hitch A Ride," got significant airplay on Album Oriented Rock stations, then later on Classic Rock stations. With no filler, the album kept selling, eventually moving 17 million copies just in America.

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  • Wulfgar from The TramYes a killer solo at the end. Brad even thinks so! Listen for a ‘Woooooooo!’ and a slight giggle at 3:43-3:47 as Tom finishes up. YouTube has the stripped down version. Treasure.
  • Phil from Bedford,vaFavorite Boston song!
  • AnonymousHeard Tom wrote this before getting married about his wedding day
  • Madbrewer from Sf, CaliNo one is talking about how the bass riff "walks" about that solo yet,
    hits the same important notes in that solo.
  • Len from Columbus, Gai agree eric, awesome guitar leads, maybe best ever
  • Len from Columbus, Gabrad rip.. i love u bro....... guitars are awesome on this song!!!!!! had it on my phone ringtones for awhile. one of my favs as far as guitars go, just a real relaxing song
  • Tony from Wilmette, IlThis song is amazing the guitar solo is genius it is so beautiful
  • Jimmy from Knox, TnI remember seeing Boston in 1977 the stage was shaped like a guitar they put on a great show and hitch a ride was the "BEST" song they done RIP BRAD.
  • Trigrtime from Mount Vernon, WaI asked my brother what he wanted for his birthday in 1976 and he stated the new Boston 8-track. I was 10 years old. I used my weekly chore money and money I got from collecting aluminum cans around the neighborhood. When i first listened to this coming out of his "Booming" 8-track stereo with cricket 6x9's pushed by the radio shack 80 watt amp in the glovebox. . . I was enthrawled. I went out later that weekend and bought the cassette for myself to play in my carry around cassette player.
    I wore out 4 of those cassettes up thru High School. Me and my best friend were know as the "Boston Boys" in Redodno, Hermosa, and Manhattan Beachs because were ALWAYS playing that tape in my Boom Box Stereo. AWESOME MEMORIES!!
    When I found out about Brad. . . I was saddend. But more overly, I was angered. To me, that is the most selfish self-centered thing a person can do. . . the pain and hurt from the ripple effect is mind blowing. I am very gratefull that I was able to see Boston at the Gorge in George when I did. I still LOVE hearing is voice. . . but it seems everytime I hear a song from them now, when it is over, I get mad at Brad for what he did and ask "Why, Brad?" He is and always will be missed be myself and infinate others. RIP Brad.
  • Peter Steele from Medicine Hat Ab, AbIn my life I have 4 songs that rank at the top of my list involving guitar solos and THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE SONG OF ALL TIME ON THAT LIST...it ranks ahead of Comfortably Numb and Time by Pink Floyd and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin..thank you!
  • Taylor from Wonderland, MtDefinitely my favorite guitar solo ever..... and my Favorite Band
  • Michael from Columbus, OhToledo,Ohio Can Produce, that is where he is from
    his dad owned a big trucking company called sholtz trucking. I know my uncle drove for them for years
  • Jimmy T from Nyc, OrI've been a Boston fan since '76, and have practically memorized every bass line and guitar lick on every track. This guitar solo is definitely the greatest one I've ever heard--the craftsmanship and expression is just phenomenal.
    Thanks Tom!-Jimmy T. Ontario,OR
  • Eric from Ba, OkWithout a doubt the greatest guitar solo ever. Tom Scholz was a genius and Brad Delp had the greatest voice in rock, RIP.
  • Karen from La Crosse , WiThis song was playing on the Boston Band website after Brad committed suicide. I thought for sure it was written by him as the lyrics could be about suicide. 'Gonna hitch a ride Head for the other side Leave it all behind Never change my mind Gonna sail away Sun lights another day
    Freedom on my mind Carry me away for the last time'. So sad. RIP Brad
  • Bryan from Atlanta, GaThis song is my favorite on the first Boston album, and its lyrics are even more meaningful and haunting with the suicide of Brad Delp. Rest in Peace, Brad. You've done well.
  • Tamara from Mechanicsville, IaOne of the best ever!
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