Too Drunk...

Album: Black Butterfly (2008)
Charted: 96
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  • This raunchy song about getting off with babes and getting wasted was leaked online. However there were accusations that the band's management purposely leaked it for publicity purposes.
  • Buckcherry lead singer Josh Todd spoke to Laurie Lonsdale for Fazer Online Music Magazine about the inspiration for this song and its accompanying video: "I really wanted a song on this record about my youth, and music was really the soundtrack of my life. When I first started playing in bands I was too young to play in clubs. So, we'd just play at house parties. We'd get a keg, we'd charge three bucks at the door, and we'd set up in somebody's living room. That's how we did it in Orange Country, California, and so that's what I wanted the video to look like."

    Todd added that back in his days of house parties he "was the type of guy that was always the first one to start partying and the first one to pass out." He also said that the kid in the video who vomits into the tuba was based on his younger party-going self.
  • Josh Todd explained to The Pulse of Radio the thinking behind choosing Black Butterfly for their album title. He said: "We just thought it was a great iconic image. It was actually one of the songs that didn't make the record that we really liked. I've kind of been obsessed with butterflies lately and we just wanted to have, like, kind of an iconic image like we did on our first record, 'cause we always loved that first record cover, you know, and we've been trying to beat it since we started making records, you know."
  • Todd revealed on Buckcherry's record label's website that this song is about being too inebriated to perform a certain amorous activity. He explained: "It represents my childhood. 'Too Drunk…' tells the story of how we rolled as kids. I just thought it was funny to throw that tag, 'too drunk to f--k,' because sometimes that was the case."

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  • Jjmo from El Paso, TxBeen there....done that
  • Chelsea from 7oh6, Gathis song is a m a z i n g!
    one of my top favorites.

    alot of people think its stupid;
    but it reminds me of most my guy friends
    &&our amazing parities.

    &&just how stupid they get
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