In Another Time


  • "In Another Time" bemoans how technology has taken over our lives at the expense of real life interaction.

    In another time when we weren't so blind
    When the world was more than what we see online
    When we actually lived instead of watching life?
    In another time, in another time

    Disturbed frontman David Dramain explained to Louder Sound: "People almost define themselves by what they are on social media. They define their worth sometimes by social media, which is absolutely ridiculous. They define the quality of life experiences by how they're depicted on it. We're so stuck on our goddamn phones, we're not paying enough attention to our children playing right in front of us. And I'm as much of a sinner in that respect as anyone. And it's tough because it's so accessible, and you almost feel helpless if you don't have this steady stream of information. But it's another addiction that we need to try and free ourselves from. Because I do fondly remember a period of time when this just simply didn't exist, and I think things were a lot simpler back then."


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