Album: Kamikaze (2018)
Charted: 39
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  • The relationships that Eminem raps about always seem to be volatile, mutually abusive ones. Although such toxic romances as the ones he describes in "Kim," "Love The Way You Lie" and "Need Me" are his calling card, Em longs for domesticity.

    I just want you to be normal
    Why can't you bitches be normal?
    Always gotta be so extra
    Why you always need a lecture?

    The women Slim Shady falls for seem to be as crazy he is. When the rapper attacks her with a baseball bat, she responds by trying to run him over, yet they seem to move on.

    She won me over the second she tried to run me over.
    Told her I'd keep it a hun', we over
    Kicked her out, called her back, now she's coming over

    Such violence to each other, in Eminem's eyes, are a sign of the couple's strong love. However, he still yearns for a normal relationship.
  • Unlike "Kim" and "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" this is a fictional love story. However, its likely it was inspired in part by Em's volatile marriage to Kimberly, whom he divorced in 2001. They reconciled and got back together five years later before splitting up again.
  • The song was co-produced by S1, (also known as Symbolyc One). The Dallas producer also supplied the beats for Kanye West's "Power" and "Guilt Trip" tunes as well as Em's Marshall Mathers LP 2 track "Bad Guy."
  • "Normal" samples the Little Dragon track "Seconds."

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  • Dzo from AtlantaI'm not normal
    By any stretch
    Of the means
    But I've been
    Chewed up
    And spit out
    By this wretched
    Called fame and glory
    Just another horror story
    I will shed no tears
    Cause that story's
    I'm soaring
    Just writing
    This rhyme
    So what's mine
    Will be mine
    It just takes time
    You have to
    Work hard
    Practice your craft
    You don't get off
    The island
    Till you fasten
    The raft
    Things go by fast
    So learn to adapt
    Cause reality sucks
    You'll know when
    You're slapped.
    Sorry didn't know
    Em was on here.
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