Anything Is Better Than This

Album: Black Is The New Black (2015)
  • It feels normal when life gets difficult
    Yeah, it kind of feels like home

    In our interview with Everclear frontman Art Alexakis, he said that nothing good ever came easy for him, which makes him suspicious anytime things get too comfortable. "I had an easier time in my life dealing with negativity as opposed to people liking me," he said. "So when things are hard, I understand that. I understand what I have to do. I have no problem buckling down and making s--t happen. But when things are too easy for me, I don't trust it, and it feels alien, like it's not real. It scares me."
  • Alexakis sings here about getting the "drug uglies." He started doing heroin at 13 and didn't kick his drug habit until he was 26. This song isn't about him, but is based on aspects of his life, including his descent in addiction. According to Art, the "drug uglies" are the way you treat people when you're in the throes of a craving.


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