Everything To Everyone

Album: So Much For The Afterglow (1997)
Charted: 41
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  • Lead singer Art Alexakis says, "It's kind of an angry song. That person is within everybody, I think everybody has this ability to try and be everything to everyone, to try to please. I think there are 2 aspects of it - there's the pleaser, who doesn't always show his true self, always plays nice and as time goes on shows more and more of himself, but there's also the people who are everything to everyone who are manipulators and users." Art has encountered many of these people in the entertainment industry. (Check out our interview with Art Alexakis.)
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  • Phoebe from Belchertown, MaThis song is awesome. i agree patrick.
  • Holly from Boothbay, MeI love that line, too, Leon from Waterbury, CT. This song can describe someone in everyone's life. That's what makes this a good song -- it's catchy, but more importantly, a really good song, almost anyone can relate to it, in a variety of ways.

    I actually saw Everclear live in the Cabin Fever tour, in La Crosse, Wisconsin at the La Crosse Center. I even got to meet Art and got his autograph and I got to go on stage for the Jenny act. I love Everclear!
  • Patrick from Humboldt, IaI've met a lot of people that this song pertains to, mainly kids from jr. high.
  • Vanessa from The Colony, TxThis song has many meanings from different perspectives. - Vanessa, The Colony, Tx
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtI love the line, "I think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down".
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