Santa Monica

Album: Sparkle And Fade (1996)
Charted: 40
  • Santa Monica is a seaside town in California where Everclear lead singer Art Alexakis grew up. He describes it as "Like LA, but on the coast." The warm weather, beaches and palm trees serve as iconic references in the song, as Alexakis explains: "I've lived in cold places and been in bad relationships, and I think everybody has a place in their mind that is like a safe haven. It's also about getting away from bad times... the ending of something is also the beginning of something new, whether it's with someone or getting out of a bad job, a bad way of life or an abusive relationship."
  • Alexakis: "In the Eastern way of looking at things, 'Chaos' doesn't necessarily mean no boundaries, it means new beginnings. It's kind of one and the same, something that never ends. It's about getting to a point where you can leave bad things behind and just be self sufficient. There's a sense of romance about it. I feel like that very much now, but I was just getting to where I understood that when I wrote that song." (Check out our interview with Art Alexakis.)
  • On their 2003 tour, the band would pick an audience member to play guitar on this song. If that person didn't play well, he would get kicked off stage and replaced with someone else from the crowd.

Comments: 8

  • Rob from Wilmington, NcYeah, Walker, easy to play on guitar too. I love the jangly sound of filtertron pickups. This song wouldn't have sounded the same played on a Strat or Les Paul.
  • Walker from Clackamas, OrThis is so easy to play on the bass.
  • Stacy from Evansville, InThis song was popular the summer of 96. I was 19 then. So this song always makes me think of that summer where i just got drunk, met cute guys and had fun. Ah, youth.
  • Ruby from Perth, Australiai sent the lyrics of this song 2 break it off with a guy who had been using me when i was getting over depression. it fits well.
  • Artel from Buffalo, NyEverclear (or e-clear) is actually a drink that is 190 proof. Thats 95% alchohol. It is so potent that there are warning labels on it to keep it away from open flames and it is illigal in most states. If you ever have a bad day, some e-clear will make you feel a whole lot better.
  • Hamilton from Chicago, IlListen to the lyrrics to "Heroin Girl"
  • Hamilton from Chicago, IlSanta Monica is clearly about Art's attempt to kick heroin. "I don't want to be your down time, I don't want to do your sleep walk dance anymore"
  • Rob from Chicago, IlIsn't this song about Art's attempt at suicide by jumping off of the Santa Monica pier?
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