Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Album: Infinity On High (2007)
Charted: 12 11
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  • This song is about a couple who have lost romantic interest in each other, but still get together for casual sex, which is fulfilling only on a superficial level.
  • The title contains no vowels and looks like a text message, indicating the shallow relationship. Fall Out Boy dropped the vowels as a joke when their record company requested shorter song titles. >>
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  • The line, "He tastes like you, only sweeter" comes from the 2004 movie Closer. Panic At The Disco, who were signed to Fall Out Boy bass player Pete Wentz' Decaydance record label, used references to Closer in 2 of their songs: "But It's Better If You Do" and "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off." >>
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  • Babyface produced this track as well as another song on the album, "I'm Like a Lawyer with the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me + You)." Babyface is known for his R&B production and songwriting. Artists he's worked with include TLC, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houton and Boyz II Men. Heartache is a common theme in his work.
  • Kim Kardashian played Pete Wentz's love interest in the song's music video. Kardashian already knew Wentz and Fall Out Boy stylist Nate Newell. "My role was I was a girl who had already previously had a relationship with Pete and the director had done the casting for the video and Pete wasn't involved in it," she told Connecticut newspaper The News-Times. "So by the time Pete saw me and I stepped onto the set, he kind of gives me this awkward look like he knows who I am and we've seen each other before."

    The visual was about the making of a video in which everyone other than Fall Out Boy and Kardashian was played by an actual monkey. "I remember my first scene, I had to sit there and watch the boys perform and I had all the monkeys sitting next to me," she recalled. "It was so scary because the trainer was saying, 'Don't call them by their name. Don't look at them in the eye,' basically freaking you out -- like 'Don't move.' Then the director is calling, 'Action!' and wants you to move. It was really scary because they're so strong and you don't know what they're gonna do. And in my scene they had to freak out a little bit, so they were freaking me out a little bit when they had to jump up and down and scream."
  • The song's chorus is about the fear of missing out.

    One night and one more time
    Thanks for the memories
    Even though they weren't so great

    Pete Wentz explained in a Genius attribution: "To me, it's the whole idea of FOMO. You know, when you're not out, and you're looking at people's Instagram, and you're like, 'Aw man I should be there! That would be so amazing.' And then you're there, and it's like KIND of amazing. It looks more amazing on Instagram, though. I have that about literally everything I do. Like looking at Coachella? I'm like, 'Coachella looks so amazing.' But then I'm like, 'Dude I'd be sitting in a hot dusty line, right now.' That's just the way life is now. You have so much access, but at the same time it's not always super honest or authentic."
  • This is the third single from Fall Out Boy's third studio album, Infinity On High. In addition to their producer Neal Avron, the band brought on a variety of guest stars from different genres to supplement their signature pop-punk sound, including R&B producer Babyface, and hip-hop acts Jay-Z (on "Thriller") and Kanye West (on a remix of "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race." They also experimented with other instruments, including horns, violin, and - on "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" - a euphonium.

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  • Fake Name To Dump Here from The Great State Of ConfusionWhat, if the title lacks vowels like a play on words because they lack "vows"?
  • Tucker from New YorkThe song name is actually lampshading their overuse of overly long song titles, hence the dropping of letters from words from 'Thanks For The Memories' to 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.'
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhIt sounds like it could be about the narrator physically "taking advantage" of someone who is extremely close to them but doesn't reciprocate lust that's been built up over a period of time. "And I want these words to make things right, but it's the wrongs that make the words come to life" = The "words" could be, of course, "I love you" or something similar, and the "wrongs" are the physical actions of the narrator ("taking advantage" of the friend). They're justifying the action by saying they love the person as a friend, but acknowledging the lust (the other way "I love you" could be taken) would be greatly intensified during the act. The explosive energy of the choruses suggests the climactic moment. "Been looking forward to the future, but my eyesight is going bad, and this crystal ball is always cloudy except for when you look into the past" is the narrator realizing how guilty and possibly ashamed they are of what happened, now realizing the friendship may not last (the "future" is the future of the friendship) and that hindsight is 20/20 (it's "always cloudy except for when you look into the past"). "My eyesight is going bad" may also represent the narrator's reluctance to acknowledge wrongdoing or denial that the friendship will be affected.
  • Adrien S. from C-wood, Cahmm well my view on this is that you are all right. lol 1.)It is a great song, its very easy to listen to over and over. 2.)It is about drugs yes. 3.) The element of drugs in the song probably also led to the references to sex in the song. And at some parts yes it does sound a bit homosexual (thts not a bad thing ppl!!) if you have a dirty mind. (and thankfully i do lol)
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlLove this song, and I care Paquita :D
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhI agree with Adri about drugs. Here's my analysis of the parts of the song that relate to this theory: "I'm gonna make you bend and break"

    - Drugs made him bend and break; "Say a prayer, but let the good times roll, In case God doesn't show" - Pray you don't OD but have fun

    if you don't (if God doesn't take you); "And I want these words to make things right, but it's the wrongs that make the words come to

    life" - He's telling people he'll quit doing drugs, but the fact he's doing them is what gives the words meaning. "Who does he think he is" -

    Perhaps about a father figure or someone else who is telling him not to do drugs.
    As for the chorus, "One night and one more time" - He's telling himself this will be the LAST night he'll do drugs (e.g. "I can quit whenever

    I want."); "Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great" - He's telling the drug goodbye, but reminding himself the

    effects were dangerous; "He tastes like you, only sweeter" - Freedom tastes like drugs only sweeter. The second part of the chorus is

    identical to the first, but he repeats "Thanks for the memories," possibly to firmly tell himself the drugs are gone.
    "Looking forward to the future, But my eyesight is going bad" - He's thinking of what he wants to do with his life but is losing sight of

    his goals because of the drugs; "And this crystal ball, Is always cloudy except for when you look into the past" - You never know the

    drug's true consequences until after the fact. "One-night stand...One-night stand off" - His addiction leads him into a one-night stand, after

    which he battles himself about quitting drugs.
    "I only think in the form of crunching numbers" - Refers to either a.) Losing money to support his habit or b.) Actually weighing drugs

    and dealing with the money; "In hotel rooms" - Doing drugs in hotel rooms to sort of cover his tracks; "Collecting Page Six lovers" -

    Reference to using rolled-up magazine pages to snort cocaine through.
    The drug references go away in the end of the breakdown, but come back in the repeated choruses, which are sung with a feeling of force

    and anguish, and the final power chord, which sounds like he's giving up.
    It's one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs. I've always loved the band for their deep lyrics.
  • Adri from Christchurch, New CaledoniaThis song isn't about sex.It'saboutdrugs and pete wentz's past addictions andhow hard it was for him to quit while still being involved in the world that has a high drug rate (the music industry.
  • Nyasia from Baltimore, Mdi love fall out boy!!! im in 8th grade and all my black freinds(im black) say that i am the whitest black gurl that they have ever met lol. but i dont care i still love'em!!!
  • Paquita from Milwaukee, WiKayla, you say you know the words? I'm with you on that one, and probably same with everyone else here that posted. Hahahaha I know all of the words to about 25 FOB songs, at least :p.

    I have no life. Why is that, you may ask?
    One: I know 25 complete lyrics to FOB songs, at least.
    Two: I'm on this site posting this.
    Three: I'm on this site posting this thinking someone will read this.
    Four: I'm on this site posting this thinking someone will read this and actually care :D.
  • Taylor from Kelowna, CanadaFall Out Boy is pretty cool, and I love this song, its awesome i just never really understood what it meant, but know i kinda do, its still an awesome song!
  • Jr from Cant Remember, NeActually this song is about having sex with a dude and u can tell by how he talks about god not being part of the situation and the part where he said "he taste like you only sweeter" that states that he is telling his ex-girl/guy who knows that he's found new love with a weiner.
  • Whitney from Spanish Fork, UtI also think this song is about sex on the road, like with groupies and such
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeP.E.T.A was angry out fall out boy for using animals in the vidio. P.s Fall out boy is just a boy band and Pete is a terrible bassist.
  • Gabe from Borger, Txlove this song. the tom-tom solo is so simple, but GREAT! i cant wait to play this on my drum set that i am gonna get for my birthday on friday.
  • Brett from Sydney, AustraliaThe reason the song has no vowels in it is not only so it looks like something you would send in a SMS message, but also because the record company told fall out boy that their song titles were too long, so they removed the vowels to be smart about it
  • Kayla from Port Orcard, WaThis song is played on the radio too much, but I love it.
    I know every word by heart.
  • Shane from Kent, EnglandSo good still want Pete'z Hair and yet no gay, and all of the songs on there are good...

    Would like to know where the lyrics "bloodcells pixelate and eyes dialate" come from though all of the lyrics from that song sound sick(good not gross) :)
  • Camel from Somewhere, CaIn the line "collecting page six lovers" he's refering to a very well known gossip page of the new york post, which of course is page six.

    Btw, fobr boardies PWN.
  • Dj from Winchester, VaI love this song. The Chimpanzees are awesome! I love monkeys. i love the music.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI love this song, although the music video kind of creeped me out, cuz I have this thing about monkeys...I had this really creepy dream once and I haven't like monkeys since. So yeah...GREAT song and I will definitely have to go buy their CD now...this is one of the only songs of theirs I've heard and I am DEFINITELY hooked!
  • Linda from Ranger, GaI love the chimpanzees in the video. Bravo, little music industry producer chimps! Bedroom scene was a bit creepy though.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaThis is such a good song. i absolutely love it.
  • Morgan from Gresham, Ori love this song, i love the like seriousness about it, its hard to explain but its kind of one of those songs where it makes u want to run, or yell...but thats probly cuz im just always mad at some1. lol
  • Ali from Wine, CaWhen I got the CD i wondered why it came up onto iTunes with all of its vowels.

    and im also wondering why there arent more comments considering how many people said that this song was the best song on the CD, and i know i might not be the biggest fan of Fall Out Boy...but am a fan.
    they have...such a sound. I mean, most of their songs sound so different, but its the fact that any of their songs can play and people can say, "thats DEFINITLY fallout boy", just like bands like PATD. i love that.
  • Anne from Chicago, Ilawesome awesome awesome, but not soo good live...
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