Never Enough

Album: The Way Of The Fist (2007)
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  • This song is about good people who are constantly getting taken advantage of and being used. When they need help, however, they are usually denied. >>
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    Anto - Numurkah, Australia
  • This song was penned by a couple of outside songwriters (Donnell Spencer and Christian Warren). Even though guitarist Zoltan Bathory disliked the tune, the band still recorded it. He explained to Metal Covenant in a 2013 interview: "It was the first time we actually worked with somebody," he said. "A producer and songwriters, so we didn't write that song to a hundred per cent. It was a weird scenario. We were in a situation, our record was out, people wanted bonus tracks and what not, you know what I mean, but we only had one record. We didn't have enough material and we became a headlining band, but we didn't have enough songs, only 45 minutes. 'F--k, what were we gonna do?' We ended up going back to the studio and recorded a couple of more songs to fill up our live shows, instead of playing cover songs. They ended up releasing that song as a bonus track and also on the re-release. Even though the song became a big hit in the States, I was never really comfortable with that song."
  • So why doesn't Bathory like the song? He explained: "I always thought that, because it was another songwriter in there, it wasn't my vibe. I'm really keen on what kind of drums and what kind of feel a song has. And even if it became a big hit, like I said, I never felt completely comfortable with that song, because it just have a different vibe than what I would ever write really. A different feel. It was the guys who work a lot with Korn, so the beat was kinda pushy. That would be the only song I think was really never a favorite song for me."
  • Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer credits this song's radio airplay for helping gain interest in the band. "We made a record [The Way Of The Fist] before we had any help at all," he explained to Live Metal. "Zoltan and I started tracking the record before we even had a full band. So we just did everything we wanted to do. I thought we made a record that was what I wanted to hear and what I wanted to play."

    "It became obvious that after 'The Bleeding' broke at radio, they were, like, 'We would love to play something else, but we can't exactly play 'The Way Of The Fist', because [laughs] it's all double bass and F-bombs,'" he continued. "They're, like, 'It would be great if you could have something else to play.'"

    "It was this weird spot for us, but we just decided, 'Hey, let's write something that we like that could still work for what they're asking for,"' Spencer added. "So we came up with 'Never Enough', which is one of our fan favorites, especially when we play it live. It sounds like Death Punch, yet it's not brutal enough to where they're not gonna play it."

    He concluded: "It's important these days to have radio supporting you because it helps set up your tours and it just brings more awareness to everything that's going on."

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  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InI can relate to this song whatever i say is never enough
  • Dylon from Grant, Mione of my fav songs by them. they have a small number of songs but they kick A$$
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