My Life
by Game

Album: L.A.X. (2008)
Charted: 34 21
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  • This features Lil Wayne, who uses the Auto-Tune device for the hook. The Game paid tribute to Weezy in MTV News: "When you're in the studio with Wayne, you could pretty much chill, man, because everything is so easy. He's so melody-driven. Once he hits you with an idea, or I come up with an idea, we're straightforward, man. The process is easy."
  • The Game told MTV News: "It's a hundred different messages you can take from the song." Amongst the song's messages are a diss against Jesse Jackson. In another track on the album "Letter to the King," the rapper also goes after the civil rights activist.
  • The Game gave a sympathetic message in this song to Kanye West after his tragic loss of his mother Donda West.
  • The tune's instrumentation borrowed from the melody of Enimem's "Stan." Lil Wayne's hook also contained elements of "So Tired," a 2007 Birdman song which featured Wayne.
  • Lil Wayne co-starred in the song's music video, along with estranged G Unit member Young Buck in a cameo appearance as a thief. Game told MTV News: "Buck is in the video for a split second, robbing the liquor store! Lil Wayne came out to California - he re-routed his tour bus, made a U-turn for me, [so we could] shoot the video."
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  • Lekan from Lagos, NigeriaI love this song so much I tink this is my best (The game's song) but ... the part that baffles me is that he said " even if they brought the nig** pac back I ld still kep his murdafrcak cokked back'' I think he is tryin to implicate himself
  • Nathan from Dayton, Ohkim this does not take place in toronto first of all toronto aint ghetto and plus the games from compton california thats were it takes place
  • Austin from Newark, DeTupac and Biggie are the names of his two dogs that are barking in the beginning.
  • Gunnar from Birmingham, Alwhere does it mention burning pictures of eminem
  • Jordan from Booneville, KyThe song mentions burning pictures of Eminem so there wouldn't be proof he never walked through 8 mile, whats up with that?
  • Nick from Waterville, OhI've been doing some sleuthing about this song, but I haven't been able to get the info I wanted. Why does Game say "Tupac, Biggie, shut the f--k up!" in the beginning of the song? I like The Game, but this is about as blasphemous as possible. Was there some reason behind it, or was it unfounded?
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --This song make refrences to past musicians like Kurt Cobain,John Lennon,Common,Dr.Dre's album the chronic and more.
  • Kim from London, Onthis song is about the violence in downtown toronto. the guy in the video who was shot to death was the games personal friend. this song is about actual event that have occured. this song has changed the amount of violence that occurs today.
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